Any Advise on Black River Near Pocahontas, AR

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Any Advise on Black River Near Pocahontas, AR

Postby HunterD » Mon Oct 16, 2006 7:05 am

I am looking for some candid opinions about the Black River public hunting. I've been down there a few times hunting the timber but it has always been with a guide. Times have changed big time down there and guides are no longer allowed in the reservoir on weekends. I'm thinking of taking my 12 year old kid and my 70 year old father and wondering if I'll have any problems. I know its like an insane maze in the woods and I'm also a little concerned about taking one of the locals holes. Don't want to get lost (fines could be steep if you don't get out in time) or tick any of the locals off in the process.
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I think your on track

Postby Total duck » Mon Oct 16, 2006 8:10 am

With the due respect you seem to be showing I`ll help you out ,,,,,, yes you can get lost easy and this year I believe the water levels will be high so as you well know everything will look the same ..............thus easy to get lost,.,,,,,,,,,,,,I don`t let the game wardens push me around nor do I think anyone should ,,,, so with that said if your boat breaks down or you get lost in the woods and can`t make it out ,,,,,,,,,,,,well by gosh its up to the judge not the wardens,,,,,,,,,,,,,,if they don`t understand and want to write you a ticket take it with a smile and let him go to court on your date and tell it like it is ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,we ar Americans we fight for our country and thats total bull crap in my book and would stand up for ya and :) I know alota folks that would too,,,now with that said get you a good map compass and take cry cloths,,,,,,,, I can help you find a nice spot for you and your crew,,,,,,,,,msg me and I`ll make sure you have the current map and give you advice ,,,,, heck I might even meet you and take ya but I`ll move in and let you have it to yourselves/////I won`t ask for money eather nor will I let you give me any .............we are Americans so we need to help one and another in my book ! Just respect the land and ppl hunting around you !!! and Plz pick up your shells ;)
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