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NWA guys

Postby UofAduckman1987 » Thu Nov 21, 2013 1:15 pm

So I've noticed a trending topic this week, NWA guys trying to figure out where and how to hunt ducks around here. I am by no means a pro but have lived in Fayetteville for the past 7 years and stomped around just about every public spot within a 2 hour drive. Some advice:
1. If you don't even have a general idea of where you want to go a week before opening day, you might as well sleep in. Trying to find a spot the morning of the opener will most likely piss people off and you will set up in a sub prime spot and pass shoot birds that were cupped up to someone else's spread... if you're lucky.
2. There are a multitude of public areas to hunt and any one of them can better than all of them combined on the right day. All it boils down to is scouting. Get on google and find a half dozen spots or more that look interesting and spend a day checking them all out. If none of them fit your fancy find another half dozen and repeat. Simple as that.
3. I have made a long progression from my first hunt in college on Beaver lake to where I primarily hunt now. Those handful of spots that I found my first year here still produce birds but every year I add another couple spots to the bag of tricks. Options are your friend and you will only get those through time and effort.
4. Make friends with other hunters in your situation. We are not friends on here, I will not tell you where to hunt or where I am hunting. Your friends will, if you return the favor.
5. Get a boat, this is hill country and 20' of water does not lend itself to wading. Your options will increase ten fold with the addition of a 14' jon boat and 10hp merc.

Good luck to you guys and if you come to me with a specific question about a certain area I can probably help you out but simply asking where to hunt around here won't cut it.
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Re: NWA guys

Postby cannon » Thu Nov 21, 2013 8:30 pm

Good advice there, Nick.
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