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Postby delta duckhunters » Fri Dec 06, 2013 5:15 pm

If you are planning on coming to Arkansas to Lease a pit or rent a blind be sure to fully prepare yourself for anything.
Guided Duck Hunts are expensive for a reason.

you will need an ATV DECOYS GUN SHELLS WADERS KNEE BOOTS MOJOS (and know when to use them) JERK STRING DUCK DOG DUCK CALLS (and know how to call a duck)

Now when u get all that remember that you will not call all Ducks you see. You have to be hidden. Don't overcall.Dont undercall. Hope the weather is good for your hunting situation. If u lease a field and it is frozen over ur in trouble. U will have allot of work to do to keep ur" hole open" ! Don't be late to ur blind...10 minutes late can cost u a limit on good days. Ducks and geese are very unpredictable.. u may kill 3 ducks one day and go back to the very same place and limit out the next ! There's and old saying in the duck hunting world.... "Here today, gone tomorrow".
Better kill em when their there and hope u are there when they are!
Noone can predict Duck movement or Mother Nature!

It's not like it is on Duck Dynasty Guys! Go somewhere tgat is known for a "High Concentration of Duck and Goose movement" with the attitude of having a good time first! Killing Ducks and Geese is the "Magic" that happens when all goes well!
It's allot of hard work that's very rewarding "When ur plan comes together"!

Have fun and be Safe!
Jay Cranford
delta duckhunters
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