Anyone Target Snow Geese?

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Anyone Target Snow Geese?

Postby DrakeH2oFowl » Sun Jan 05, 2014 7:14 pm

Hey all,

I normally frequent the NJ area on this site, as I'm from NJ. I go to school at Tech, currently there getting my M.S. in Wildlife & Fisheries Science.

I was wondering if anyone out there actually targets snows in the winter & during the CO that would want to get out on some hunts after duck season goes out. I unfortunately can't bring my rig out because I have no where to keep it. I'm not looking to weasel my way into any of y'all's land or step on toes & cause trouble but I'd love to chase some snows while I'm down there. I'm an ethical hunter, always legal, etc.. I'm not really a fan of being piggy & getting a firing squad together jump shooting them, I like em feet down over a rig, the right way. I'm no stranger to being up at 12:30am..1am for days on end setting up big rigs for them, hunting all day & doing it all over again the next. Heck, I'd be more than happy to do a trade-a-hunt or something for some Arkyland snows & specks if you ever end up on the east coast..If any of you guys hunt target Canadas too, I love calling them for guys. I'm sure a bunch of you guys don't have black ducks or brant on your walls. :biggrin:

Anyway, I'd really appreciate gettin together with some good people & stack some snow geese this spring. Or specks or cans. Haha

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Re: Anyone Target Snow Geese?

Postby - Andy - » Mon Jan 06, 2014 9:26 am

We hunted geese on Thursday. Killed 46 snows/ross geese and 9 specks. Ducks just weren't there and the weather was about perfect with a 20kt wind for em.

Most folks don't mess with em. I talked to a couple of the guys and they will hunt once or twice during the conservation order season, usually round up a bunch of youngin's and let em blast away.

It seems like the going rate around where we hunted was $100 per day to hunt a field (flat rate, not per hunter), that was what our guide was telling us anyway. And that was during the spring season. During duck season you might have a more difficult time finding something.
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Re: Anyone Target Snow Geese?

Postby SFAjacks12 » Sat Jan 25, 2014 5:46 pm

$100 a day the websites i've seen were more than that. I love to goose hunt if anyone wants to get a group together I'd love to do a conservation season trip. I hunt legal, have military experience (not being a tool just saying gun safety) my degree is in forestry wildlife management so i'm not completely retarded when it comes to hunting or ethics.
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