Been Window Shopping at The Park

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Been Window Shopping at The Park

Postby worknem » Mon Oct 17, 2005 7:20 pm

We've got a big local population of Honkers that come to town in the morning, spend the day, then fly back to the marsh in the evening to roost.
One of the biggest hangouts for em is on my daily walk route, in one of the parks. (Avg 70 birds and peaks about 150.) Typically there's several crosses in the family units, some of them quite clear, some subtle. We've run into some of these same birds on the marsh during the season, knowing from the telltales of the crosses. Really gets the blood pumping when you are working a bunch of birds you are familiar with and know for sure that a couple of them are sportin iron. Not real easy to wait long enough to see the bands.
Anyway, to shorten this up, there's the most bands I've ever seen on the park this year. 16 today for 81 birds, a pretty good ratio. Lookin good!
Short story bout the park honkers. They tend to drag the real park Graylags with them sometimes (if they're able to fly.) A few years back we were on our way out for a nooner on one of the local areas. Come up on a guy with a cart, had 2 of the biggest Graylags out of the park strapped, big orange topknots on the bills and all. He was one happy camper! Said they were the first Tule Geese he'd ever taken. We didn't have the heart to tell him any different, his smile was too big. He told us he'd jumped them off the levee and was surprised they let him get up on em. Told us there was more, if we were interested, and theat there were even some huge snows too. (These were regular park geese also). I hope he breasted em instead of picking and cleaning cause he'd of been pretty perplexed finding cigarette butts, plastic worms, matchsticks etc.
We talked to the then Asst Sup for the area, Conrad Jones, who said they'd come in with the Honks earlier in the week and evidently decided it was too much work to get home, or didn't know how to get there.
What would the limit have been on those birds?
One of life's mysteries.

Rel Atwood
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Postby Russell » Mon Oct 17, 2005 10:02 pm

Ya know Rel....if ya carry around a can of black spraypaint anything can grow dots on it's chest and become a whitefront.

....or, any ol' big azzed white bird can grow black wingtips in just a coupla' squirts.... :laughing:
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Postby stalns » Mon Oct 17, 2005 10:20 pm

Russell wrote:Ya know Rel....if ya carry around a can of black spraypaint anything can grow dots on it's chest and become a whitefront.

....or, any ol' big azzed white bird can grow black wingtips in just a coupla' squirts.... :laughing:

:toofunny: Sounds like our trick with a sharpie pen turning silver salmon into kings...
Shoot Straight!!!

Gary Stalions
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Postby #1wingnut » Tue Oct 18, 2005 9:05 am

Hey Rel,

I'v had my eye on a flock of local canadas for a few years now
there's any were from 30 to 60 birds in the group.
two of these birds have white heads. they look like bald eagals.
WHEN i get ONE of these it will go on my wall :thumbsup:
I know its not park geese but a mix with snows. I have talked to a biolgist
from the nature conservancy about them. he knows the birds i'm talking about. and has been keeping an eye on them also.

I'v been after them for about 3 years now. they came close last year
just not close enough :thumbsdown:

My partner and his son got into them 2 years ago. they did'nt get the "baldy's" but they did pull 2 bands from the group. :thumbsup:

Its just a matter of time, I have worked out a pretty good pattern for them
maybe this year :thumbsup:
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