Okay...now I am really confused...

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Okay...now I am really confused...

Postby PinTeal » Fri Dec 02, 2005 3:22 am

Okay, from what I gather, Washington, oregon and N. Cali are frozen. Birds are on the move. Had great wind today, but I am not seeing on the boards that people slaughtered the ducks....or even really saw that many ducks. Where are the birds at?

I know there is a lot of water and feed scattered throughout here, and if you put 1 duck on 1 acre of water, a lot of ducks can be scattered everywhere and not be very thick. Down south, I am accustomed to having ALL of the birds in the flooded timber we hunt--when the birds are down they are literally THERE. Is this typical for when the birds are here in sac or are the birds hiding out somewhere?

God I hope this makes sense...it's 121 am and I just got done typing a women's study paper that ended up being just about 12 pages long....ugh!

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Postby worknem » Fri Dec 02, 2005 12:02 pm

Hey Big Duck Dan!

Could you explain to this guy that's willing to ask and learn about the predictability of bird movement through your country and the head scratching they can cause at times?

You were making perfect sense Jeff for that hour of the morning. Either that or I speak the same language due to working nights for soo many years. LOL! Kinda nice to take a break now and then and ponder em for a while isn't it?

Maybe some of the Delta, Grasslands and other locations can throw in some .02 here.......

Rel Atwood
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Postby Russell » Fri Dec 02, 2005 2:15 pm

It's barely into December....Most of the unhunted rice, bypasses and closed zones are still full of food. The ducks have no reason to move en' mass.

It's only been cold for about a week and well into the high 50's during the afternoons....not quite cool enough to get the birds metabolism(s) going and trigger more feeding and movement.

In the grasslands, before about 1994....we could almost predict within a week that we would have birds around mid December and consistent shooting. Not any more on a regular basis ( though last Dec was good)...
Now we are seeing it happen about three weeks later...normally about New Years or within that week.

Without very cold weather, or a big north wind....the Grasslands closed zones hold the birds longer.
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Postby dukaddict » Fri Dec 02, 2005 10:32 pm

Go to any refuge with a pair of binos and check out the closed areas

There`s some huge lakes up north that will resist the freeze until mid December even though most of the northern refuges freeze up they still hang out as long as there is open water

Been seeing some birds migrating this week, mostly spoonies and mallards and some pins with whitefronts and snows thrown in but it`s not the big mass migration yet just a trickle

patience young skywatcher

oh, you can`t base everything on the refuge kills
The hunt areas are tough until the dumb first year birds show up, the hunt areas haven`t been rotated since the beginning of time so the local birds know where not to go, and if four guys hit a blind on a good day and get 28 ducks (I know I`m dreaming bear with me) and then four more go out and shoot x`s that brings the average down to 3.5. A more realistic scenario is the first guys have a good shoot with 12 birds which makes a 1.5 average
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