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What is your favorite area to hunt?

Klamath Basin
Los Banos
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Postby RCN » Mon Jul 31, 2006 10:51 pm

Hi, my name is Robert. I am a new to hunting and already I'm going into debt because of it. :getdown: Anyhoo I'm trying to find some other areas to hunt so I may stay out debt. $ to spend on hunting is getting very low. How good are type C areas versus A and B areas?

Also what is favorite area to hunt?
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Postby duckjumper » Tue Aug 01, 2006 1:43 pm

Type C areas are only good if you have scouted them beforehand. Lots of them will have little places with ducks in them, but some depend on weather, some on time of year, and all of them depend on location. In general, over the season ducks move west to east and north to south. I'd start scoping places in Sept to see what's near you.
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Postby WIDGEONATOR » Tue Aug 01, 2006 3:59 pm

Well since the birds migrate from North to South, I would have to say I would prefer to hunt up North, because that is where the birds are. Due to the fact that I own a club down south, I am going to have to vote LB.

The I can do anything I want factor, out weighs the shooting a couple more birds factor, IMO.
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Postby slowshooter » Tue Aug 01, 2006 10:31 pm

I'm a grasslands guy that ventures north every once in awhile.
I live in San Jose so the trip over Pacheco pass is a little over an hour and it's really easy to get home.

As to where is best to hunt? I've been skunked everywhere is all I can say.


IMHO you may not see the duck numbers in the grasslands that you might at Sacramento, but since you only can have 7 ducks... Sometimes it's not worth the time/trouble/gas to go up there. A high number at a busy northern refuge, with ducks a certainty, just isn't as attractive to me as a near empty refuge that may or may not have something in the air that day. I like to hunt not have to deal with other guys. If I get less ducks it doesn't matter to me. On the other hand I can completely understand that tatering birds is fun...

I think that you'll have to pay some dues in terms of going out and doing discovery. Heck, just learning one refuge well is a pretty big time commitment. I would pick one then spend as much time as possible learning how it functions for the birds. That will pay the biggest dividends. Plus it's one of the most enjoyable aspects of duck hunting!

Good luck man!

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Postby hunt Chessies » Tue Aug 01, 2006 11:15 pm

I agree with slow, it doesn't matter where the best place to kill birds is because if you don't know the land then you are shooting in the dark. I personally love hunting the klamath basin but I only hunt it 2-3 trips a year and I am no expert on it but I am learning, slowly! Do I shoot as good as the locals up there, sometimes when all the planets align but those guys consistently shoot birds because they have spent the hours on the refuge.

Hunting has a learning curve so even on not the best refuges there are areas that shoot birds you just have to find em. I know it sounds repetative but you have to get out there and scout and find areas for youself. No one is going to give away their secrets and even if you get the pleasure of tagging along with someone who has a few honey holes the best thing you can do is never go back to that spot unless its okay.

Goodluck and I hope you have a great season!

Next month will be the time to really start scounting. I know I will be out a lot!
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Postby Mattquack » Wed Aug 02, 2006 11:12 am

That's the truth, time to start scouting. It's toss up on how to spend my time though.... scouting for duck season, deer season... or salmon, steelhead, or striper fishing on the American. All good things.

As for the poll, I'm typically a refuge guy, and stay as close to home as I can. therefore, I polled Sacramento.

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Postby callinfowl » Wed Aug 02, 2006 7:50 pm

Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2006 11:43 pm Post subject: Hi there, My Intro. post. (callinfowl)


Hi everyone,

My name is Dan King I live in Concord CA. I hunt the Ca delta river bottoms. ( public land )

I have been waterfowl hunting for 35 years out of my 42 years of life.
I am a mallard purist. And really enjoy hunting Specks and honks:yes:

I am a competent duck & goose caller thanks to my wonderful father.
Pop's stuck a duck call in my mouth when I was 5 years old ( Faulks) I picked it up fairly easy from there. We hunted 2-3 days a week for most of my childhood ,mainly colusa CA. public and private lands.

I hunt small tule ponds for Mallards and get up to the Sac. Valley when the timing is right for the geese.

I am a union plumber Local # 38
I have a wonderful wife and NO KIDS

I pride myself in my ability to adapt to most waterfowl situations.
I hunt with my best friend (now my bro -inlaw of 4 years) and a close friend.

All three of us really enjoy fooling Mallards into very close shooting range
( under 20 yards is the norm for us.)

We shoot 85% green for a season tally of 300 to 400 birds.
( for the three of us. )
the 05-06 season was a test for us , we had to deal with rain swollen rivers and a broken transom on my 17 foot Gregor ducked out boat.
(we got rear ended on the freeway on the way home from a hunt in Oct.)
We where forced to use a !8 foot fisher for the remainder of the season.
( thank God we don't hunt out of our boat)
It would of been pretty hard to hide the big blue boat.

If I could only carry one duck call for hunting it would have to be
my R/N/T African black wood Original although I like to bounce around between R/N/T's, Joe Lares , Buck Gardner And Echo's .

For specks and honks I stick with Basin Abomination calls.
I shoot a super blk eagle and a pintail or the old stand by 870 when I'm in the brackish waters of the Susiun Marsh.( spelling ???)

Besides all of that stuff , I live to hunt fowl much like the rest of you guy's and gal's.

I'm glad I couldn't sleep tonight or I never would of found this site.
( surf'n the web )

I see lots of friendly, familiar names and look forward to participating in this forum, good to be back on the boards,and hello to everyone.

Randy, you need to school me on how to post up those sound files, they sound really great guy's.

Thanks for taking the time to read my long winded intro.

Your friend,
Dan King

Question # 1 , how do I shrink down this page so I don't have to scroll
from side to side to read these posts, it's cutting off the right side by about four words ??????
Lifes to short to sweat the small crap !
Lighten up and have some fun ,before ya die !

Laugh at yourself and with others!!!!!
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