New to California

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New to California

Postby CHOBEEGATOR » Sun Jan 02, 2005 2:57 pm

Hello everyone, I am brand new to California and more importantly looking to find information on northern CA duck hunting. I am originally from south Florida where i spent a tremendous amount of time fishing and hunting the Glades and Lake Okeechobee. If anyone is to be kind enough to put me in the right direction for public hunting areas or may be intrested in getting together for a fishing or hunting trip i would be more than thankful.

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Postby PinTeal » Sun Jan 02, 2005 11:18 pm

Hello and welcome to DHC! What made you chose Kalifornia?

In any case, there is an array of refuges you can hunt around the Sacramento area. I am sure there are refuges just about anywhere you can hunt?

Since Kalifornia grows so much rice we have plenty of feed for the ducks right here in Northern California. Also, since we can no longer burn our fields to get rid of the straw, well we can burn 25%, we have to flood the fields to rot the straw. Since we are flooding the fields now a days there is ~ 300,000 acres of flooded rice fields with water and feed--not to mention the countless refuges for ducks to call their home--and the refuge's "no hunt zones."

The duck season has been pretty slow this year. Saturday I hunted my field by myself and shot 1 bull sprig--but should have shot at 6 ducks total. Realistically, the whole state is shooting pretty poorly because we have simply not had all the cold weather up north to drive the birds down. And the birds that are down here are spread out because of all the water we have. Imagine the 300,000 acres of flooded rice fields and putting just one or two birds per acre out there. You begin to get the idea.

Now, even more so than before, the birds are spread out with our latest storms. The Sutter bypass, among others, has flooded and provided the birds with even more water up here. On a good note, the water is too high for the birds to feed in so it will, with any luck, drive them to the fields we are hunting.

If you have a lot of money, and I mean a lot, you can buy into the Bieut Sink duck clubs. I believe the cheaper clubs are ~$ 250,000 but I could be way off (as in too low). I have heard that they are slamming them over there, and assume that they are probably about the best bird per hunter average in the country.

The fields I hunt are owned by a buddy of mine and has multiple other 4 man blinds that he sells as a whole or in parts, if you are interested for next season located in Sutter County right around the sutter refuge area.

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