What a day

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Re: What a day

Postby kevyg408 » Tue Dec 10, 2013 7:00 pm

That's awesome!
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Re: What a day

Postby spoonysmaker » Sat Dec 14, 2013 9:14 pm

sutterduckhunter wrote:
kevyg408 wrote:... And on the note of me mentioning LDC, it really comes off as a huge insecurity to me of ones hunting ability when they get all protective and defensive of the slightest mentions of anything that might bring other hunters success. When I got to the check station, I began chatting with a really nice guy who hunts LDC a lot. I told him it was my first time there and he began telling me things I never dreamed I would hear from another duck hunter. But after some time in the ponds out there when everything he had said turned out to be exactly right, it became clear that he gave zero chits about what information he gave me on certain areas because he knew hearing things alone doesn't equal success. Its about knowing how and when to hunt certain areas, its about having a great experience, and its about making the most of this sport. I completely recognize the element of time spent in the field to learn things the hard way and how certain areas can get bombarded with hunters when they become known by the masses. But if mentioning LDC or some good areas is going to ruin your success as a hunter, than you're not much of a hunter, and THAT you should feel insecure about.

You obviously don't understand the importance of keeping good info on the down low...LDC had been pretty crappy for the last 4 wks, +- a few days. One could lotto the night before and expect to get on with a decent number or pick. Now that 20 people come on here and say they had the best hunt of their life at LDC, you can surely bet that it will be nearly impossible to lotto on with a good number. I know we are all aware of what refuges shoot best, but don't advertise it when it starts getting hot. You are going to do what you want and I won't convince you of changing your mind. May you pull a 200 or 220 lotto # in your future. :thumbsup:

Darkwater..... do you send an email to dfg every week crying about how the post public area hint results? Seems to me in your opinion they are the biggest spot burners of all. Delevan shot over 900 birds last Saturday alone.... I would imagine this would have more people flocking to the refuges then one person saying they had a great shoot. Just my .02
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