Outdoor Channel - Thursday Bird Hunting Shows

If you are looking for the best duck hunting in Colorado, this is the place.

Outdoor Channel - Thursday Bird Hunting Shows

Postby Hopedale » Thu Nov 05, 2009 7:43 pm

Last year the Outdoor channel had a bird only line up. I'm starting a campaign and need you for this to work.


I located the Public Relations person and emailed them the following email:


Can we get back to the line up that we had last year, or a similiar line up?

Central Time:

7pm - Duck Commander
7:30 pm - Whisteling Wings
8pm - Duck's Unlimited
8:30 pm - American Gun
9pm - Phasants Forever
9:30 pm - Benelli's American Bird Hunter

10pm resume the constant barrage of quadropod hunting (Deer, Elk, more Deer, occasional beer, more deer, did I mention more deer, and elk)

Feel free to copy and past into your email and send it to the PR person
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