Missing Colo.

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Missing Colo.

Postby Belly up dux » Thu Dec 31, 2009 8:01 am

Hey guys, it's not often that I post on your page as I live in an different state now, but I still like to lurk and see the pics. I grew up out there and was "spoiled" on how I learned to hunt waterfowl. We had a 4 person pit blind down on the river bottom just outside of Timnith. I grew up in Ft. Collins, and Loveland and can still remember my old holes. We had access to a lot of land and would go out at lunchtime from school and jump the river bottoms for ducks. That was fun. Our pit was in the flight path from Fossel Creek Res. to the cornfields out by Windsor and we used to smack the geese good. I remember when the limit was 2 and then went to 3 and we were in heaven. Greenheads were a dime a dozen, but we all wanted a woodduck. Now I live in a state where woodies are everywhere and the only greenheads are in the park or retirement villages. We do get a few mallards that make the mistake of leaving the "bread crumb factory" and they are shot pretty quick. Last time I was home, much of the public land I hunted is now burned out from too much pressure. The houses are so expanded that the geese don't hit our field much anymore. Heck, I even remember hunting pheasants out by the dump and now that is all houses too. Kinda sad in a way. We had it easy I guess and now it looks like you guys work pretty hard for your birds. Maybe one day I will get back and if it is during hunting season, I will break out my old pump and go watch the riverbottom again. Thanks for listening to me rant.
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Re: Missing Colo.

Postby canbakchaser » Thu Dec 31, 2009 6:16 pm

Dude i live on north colorado im 15 no better place to learn because the birds get here soon arent all shot when they get here and they stay all winter. i went to steamboat springs opening day AWESOME. heres some mountain pics to make you jealous. Image Image Image Image Image Image Image and some colorado hunting pix
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