1-9-2010 and 1-10-2010

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1-9-2010 and 1-10-2010

Postby ejbarger » Sun Jan 10, 2010 4:50 pm

Went out these last two days on the arkansas river and ended up with 5 total. i got 4 yesterday the birds were everywhere and i was able to take 2 greenheads, a hen ringneck i got a drake last year so im getting her on the wall as a pair and i also got a hen goldeneye. this morning 1-10-2010 i was only able to take 1 drake greenwing teal and it was my first gw teal drake so hell also go on the wall along with my ringneck, gadwall, and wood duck i got earlier in the year. you might seen some of these pics on my brother (husker20) posts.
My drake greenwing teal
My hen ringneck i was shocked i got her on the river with no ponds or lakes within miles ringers are diver and she came into my decoys on the river.
me with my 2 greenheads a goldeneye and ringneck and my little hunting buddy who has never lost a bird yet in here young waterfowl life
2010 season stats:
Ducks- 14
Geese- 1
Dog retrieve totals- Camo(3rd yr.)-41, Bandit(1st yr.)-4
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Re: 1-9-2010 and 1-10-2010

Postby Catfish_Hunter » Sun Jan 10, 2010 10:05 pm

Nice Hunt :thumbsup:
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