Preserve a sport dog training area

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Preserve a sport dog training area

Postby goodkarmarising » Tue Apr 13, 2010 7:14 am

Saw this over on

Please take one minute and email Colorado State Parks at the following link. Tell them you support Plan B for Chatfield.

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Chatfield and Cherry Creek State Parks established Dog Training Areas over 20 years ago where Sportsmen could have a place to train their hunting dogs. Non hunting users have been allowed to encroach on those areas recently to the point where there exist a high level of conflict. The State Parks solution- is to entirely eliminate all Sportsmen at Cherry Creek from using the area and manage it as a dog park. And severely reduce Sportsmen's access at Chatfield ceding the bulk to other users (dog walkers).
From State Parks web site- "There is no plan to close the two dog training areas or eliminate other users". Really?
Here are the numbers.
Cherry Creek Dog Training Area 85 acres- Acres for Sportsmen under Plans A, B, and C- 0
Non sporting users- all 85 acres.

Chatfield Dog Training Areas 74.5 acres- Acres for Sportsmen under plans A, B and C (*see note below)- 8.5 acres of the least desirable part of the Dog Training Area with no water. The other users would get 66 acres and all the water. In other words, Sportsmen would get a total of 8.5 acres or about 5% of the total of the two properties and non sporting users 95%. Sound fair, equitable, especially given the fact they were intended for Sportsmen?

Full Info can be found at this link. ... Areas.aspx
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Re: Preserve a sport dog training area

Postby Losthwy » Sat Apr 17, 2010 6:35 pm

Thanks for posting this!
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