Colorado walk in program

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Colorado walk in program

Postby FMFdevildoc » Wed Dec 22, 2010 4:56 pm

While pheasant hunting the 'walk in' lands last season, came upon some SERIOUS duck / goose numbers.

Ended up getting permission to hunt a field, west of a walk-in plot last year and nailed several snow geese. Although I have moved away from New Mexico (was near the border / Trinidad Colorado - Las Animas County) I have been thinking of the walk in program all season long here in Kalifornia...

Anyone else been hitting the walk-in program, I heard it was free this year, that the DOW dropped the 20.00 fee to get the walk in permit? I sure enjoyed the hell out of that program, got into a ton of pheasant, geese, prairie dog towns and coyotes thanks to that great program.

Anyhow just wanted to hear from free America - Kalifornia has amazing duck / geese hunting; yet the access to public lands is rough (although plentiful, it is rough) and I have had a decent season, despite the late start.

If anyone is more south east (closer to Pueblo or Las Animas county) PM me and I will fill you in on a few AMAZING walk in areas that don't get a ton of pressure. I havent looked at the walk in atlas this year, to see if these plots are still available or open. But if they are, they may be worth the drive and the effort*

*6 pheasants - with no dog....
*8 snow geese - without 200+ decoys and a huge blind (just hid in a bush and pass shot)

Now for a 20.00 permit and a little bit of work, that was more than I could have ever hoped for !!!
Why? One inquires why? Because, AMERICA !!
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