help- new duck hunter

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help- new duck hunter

Postby huntingcountryboy » Sun Jan 06, 2008 12:53 am

i decided to start duck hunt this year and i have been none succesful this whole year in hunting i have no idea where else to hunt ive been hunting the southplatte and no luck does anyone know of other spots where i might have luck
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RE:help- new duck hunter

Postby purnsg » Sun Jan 06, 2008 6:39 am

Hi huntingcountryboy,

Colorado is between the Pacific and Central flyway so the ducks are out there. Ducks Unlimited has a new aerial "Map" tool, where follow waterfowl hunters can submit reports of waterfowl activity. I believe you have to be a DU member to access the "Map" tool. I have used the tool and it's the best I have seen. You can point duck hunting spots with pin-point accuracy and the MAP tool will display aerial shots you won't believe!

Plus, scouting local places an hour before sunset is invaluable. Another tip is asking local game wardens, farmers, etc. This is somewhat of a joke, but is true for most water fowlers including myself. Water fowlers are quick to spot ducks and geese flying in the sky! The next time you see any bird migration, make a note of the time, place and direction you saw the birds flying. You can narrow down where the ducks are by using the above techniques.
Using maps and spotting waterfowl flying patterns are the first step then follow-up with scouting local places an hour before sunset is invaluable.

Good luck!

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