Never hunted ducks in CO

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Never hunted ducks in CO

Postby J Turner » Mon Oct 06, 2008 5:42 am

Hello all,

I am new to the forum and hope it is a good source of information on where to find some places to hunt ducks here in Colorado.

I moved here in 2005 from Washington and have concentrated on bowhunting and fishing. I did quite a bit of duck and goose hunting in Washington, but have not been since moving here.

My wife surprised me a couple of weeks ago by telling me she wants to take her hunters safety course and hunt ducks this year. She has never hunted before, although she has been out with me while I hunted ducks and she has been to Elk camp a few times. The only other hunting she has shown interest in was turkey hunting, but I've never done that and don't know where to start.

We live in Loveland and I am interested in finding some public land out East to take her. We have a boat, but we do not have a retriever. I have been collecting the information on the SWA's and the STL areas and that is an option. I've never hunted in a spot where you had to check in and out, is it difficult? Do the areas get a lot of pressure? Are the areas on the river or standing water like a reservoir? I am figuring the river is the best bet when things start to freeze up.

Any help in finding some spots is appreciated. I'd like my wife to be able to kill some birds so her interest continues since this is the first time she's shown an interest to do the shooting. I'm hoping this gives us something to do together and as a family. I have a 7 year old daughter that just can't hardly wait until she is old enough to get a hunting license and she wants to sit in the blind with us to learn about duck hunting too.

Thank you,
Joe Turner
J Turner
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Postby Goosekiller06 » Mon Oct 06, 2008 7:51 am

There is plenty of public grounds out to the east of loveland and greeley, and even there in between. The one thing that i have found out there though is you are too darn close to the big cities (Denver, boulder, ft. collins, ect, ect, ect) and people flock to many of these. I have yet too find one that is not crowded out that way. As far as getting on private ground out there it is almost impossible. We were out there for the opener on the 4th since I have family in Greeley, and I bet we stopped at 10-15 different places and as soon as we mentioned hunting they said "SORRY ITS LEASED" and that was that. That includes fields as well as other ponds, creeks, rivers, pastures. I have found a few good spots in the high country that we went too for the opener and it was a good time. We killed 7 birds, so not too many, but for me its about being away from people and also having a neat place too hunt. Its about 2 hours away from loveland, but is an amazing spot. It is a river that has flooded sections of beaver dams and is in a valley. It is about a 1/4 mile walk from the parking lot to the first dam and just goes from there. You have too watch it though, it is BIG moose and bear country. We had 2 moose close that weekend. If you have a sidearm I would suggest bringing it. If you PM me I can give you the location/details ect. Good luck

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