Opportunities around Fort Collins

If you are looking for the best duck hunting in Colorado, this is the place.

Opportunities around Fort Collins

Postby fold'em55 » Sun Nov 02, 2008 6:14 pm

Hey guys,
Im currently finishing up my senior year of college in South Carolina. Originally from Upstate NY (finger lakes region) and cannot wait to get back into the blind. For anyone that is wondering... South Carolina has about 3 ducks in the entire state.

After graduation in May I might be moving out to Fort Collins Colorado and am wondering what kind of hunting opportunities are in the area. Are there ample public lands? how hard are they hit? what species are most common? Is a boat usually needed? etc.

Any help you guys could give me would be greatly appreciated. Im coming out in December to take a look around the area myself... but thought this post couldnt hurt

Thanks in advance for your responses

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Postby turbotyphoon69 » Sat Nov 08, 2008 3:28 pm

Well you are in the right area for waterfowl, lots of public big game opportunity, but waterfowl is marginal on public. If you can get on private or join a club we got a good canada goose season, and a decent duck season. you can kill 150+ birds a season personally if you hunt often and hard.
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Postby ajax5240 » Fri Nov 21, 2008 4:39 pm

Fort Collins is a great city to be in! Not much you can shoot in the city but surrounding towns have great state wildlife areas with some good shooting! This year there is a lot of restriction on the use, like sat,sun,mon hunting days or a call ahead reservation system but it keeps the places from getting over hunted. If you are coming here for school you will have a blast no matter what, i went to CSU and it is a riot!!!! If you do choose to join a club/lease you can find a lot of great waterfowl hunting but you have to be sitting on $800+ to spend a year. Good luck, hope some of this helps you.
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