WTB & WTT New & Used Decoys

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WTB & WTT New & Used Decoys

Postby KANSASGOOSEHUNTER » Wed Jul 22, 2009 11:15 am

I will be going to Estes Park, Colorado in a few weeks and could possibly drop some of these decoys off on my way there. I live south of Kansas City. So that should give you some idea of the way that I will be traveling. But as long as it's not to far off the road. I would be willing to drop them off or maybe meet somewhere on the way there to trade or sell the decoys.
I will aso trade the decoys for the following GHG decoys listed below. Thanks

Full Body Mallards
Full Body Black Ducks
Full Body Pintails
FFD/PG Sleepers/Resters
FFD Honkers/Lessers
FFD Lookers
FFD/PG Specks
O/S & L/S PG Goose Floaters
Full Body Snows/Blues
T&T Snows/Blues
I am really looking for stuff Avery/GHG related. So let me know what you have to trade.

The only reason why I am getting rid of the decoys listed below is because I am switching to all Avery/GHG stuff. If you send me your email I can send you pictures. Thanks

I have some brand new Final Approach Canada Goose floaters that have never been used. Each box has a sentry, an active and two resters. They all have flocked heads. I am asking $70 per box for these decoys.

Then I have 24 carrylite snow shells that come with motion stakes. These have been used very little and are in great shape. There are 8 Actives and 16 Feeders. I am asking $100 for these decoys.
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