The Kind of Hunts That Keep You Coming Back

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The Kind of Hunts That Keep You Coming Back

Postby SquadIrons » Tue Jan 22, 2013 2:51 pm

Well, it's certainly a bummer with the season being over but I had a great last 3 days. I didn't kill ducks in the numbers that I did during the hard freeze a few weeks ago, but what I did harvest certainly made all of the season's work pay off. Wednesday we went out and only managed a a few hen mergs. I saw hardly any puddle ducks whatsoever and we called it quits relatively early. Thursday we hit a new spot and had great action shooting at brant all morning. All season I had been itching badly to shoot a banded bird and finally Thursday morning I shot my first band ever on a goose from Conway, NH. Friday I managed to bag a ruddy duck, which I had never even seen before, as well as a few mallards, but wasn't able to limit out on them (another one of my goals that I have yet to achieve). Saturday morning brought yet one last good hunt. Again, I didn't see a great number of puddle ducks, but I managed to shoot a beautiful drake goldeneye. Another item on my bucket list that I had been gunning for all season and am finally able to cross off. I am going to have him mounted. He's in the freezer now but I'll be bringing him to the taxi in a few days. I hope you all had a great season. I had slow start and am still trying to get good at pinpointing good numbers of birds, but I certainly learned more this season than any before. I can't wait till next October. Better break out the fly tying gear to pass the time.
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Re: The Kind of Hunts That Keep You Coming Back

Postby toolmaker » Tue Jan 22, 2013 4:14 pm

good for you....

regularly finding ..and ..shooting ducks is a dynamic adventure. A lot of subtle things come into play... and being aware of the subtle difference from day to day, makes the learning curve shorter.

the weather, the time of day, the tides, the local pressure...

being flexible and knowing when to move is a big key. sometimes a sweet spot just doesnt to recognize it and move....increase your chances.

I wont try to impose my theories on how and when and why to hunt....but pay attention to as many aspects of the hunt--good or bad...and learn from them.

you still have late goose.....and geese are banded pretty well in CT...

good luck

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Re: The Kind of Hunts That Keep You Coming Back

Postby UGADawg » Tue Jan 22, 2013 4:16 pm

Nice hunts. I still haven't broken my Goldeneye cherry. Do you have a pic of the bird?
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