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Postby Irishwhistler » Sun Nov 24, 2013 11:26 am

Aye Mates,
Last few days o' goose hunting have been grand. Thursday five of us shot our limits of two birds each for a total of 10 birds bagged. Four of those birds had been banded in Labrador. :smile:

Friday, a very wet hunt with only 3 birds taken among six gunners. We should have had at least 5 more bagged, but I told the lads to hold off on a passing shot while thinking the five were going to bank right back to the spread. The five just kept heading north and a trigger was never pulled.

Yesterday, meself and one gunning partner each took two birds limiting out shortly after legal gunning hours. The geese came in silently from behind our blind and low off the deck. One of the birds made a low pitched growl as I alerted my partner, "GEESE, they are right on top of us"! A few growls on me John Taylor Bay Country short reed had them honkers pitching right into our rig. :thumbsup:
Very windy conditions, we hunted an easterly facing slope with hopes that the geese would be wanting early sunlight and a lee to the steady blow out of the west - northwest to provide some relief while they foraged in the cornlot. That strategy paid off and truth be had, we could have slammed geese there all morning long. We stayed in the blind as wave after wave of Canada Geese came our way for an apparent Honker Hoedown.

When time came to pick up the rig of Bigfoots and go, I hiked back to the truck where me 11 week old pup Trad was hunkered down in his crate, a safe distance from the gunfire. I drove back out to the blind and let me wee pup Trad run about the rig, explore the blind, and took much pleasure in his continual sniffing of the big birds that lay dead on the ground. Both me gunning partner and meself also took much delight is watching Trad in utter joy regarding the whole experience. Of course, we cheered him on with great praise for his natural love for the fowl, that being deeplu embedded in his DNA.

Good hunting to ye all, and a safe and Happy Thanksgiving as well!

Cheers Mates, :beer:
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