Sea duck 11/10

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Sea duck 11/10

Postby Major Woods » Mon Nov 12, 2007 6:38 am

Hit the local rocky outcropping on LIS with Pops and Duck Killer. Plenty of wind but the seas were manageable since it was blowing from shore.

Set out a small spread of two long lines of scoter, one of old squaw and deployed the new toy, a scoter spinner supported by a 3 scoter decoy floating base.

We got setup rather late in the morning and were finally ready to shoot at 6:20AM. The spinner did its job as the birds that did come in keyed in on the decoy and entered the spread totally committed wings cupped and feet out. If our shooting had been better :rolleyes: we would have limited out.

Stopped by at the next island over from us to say hi to Maggie's Dad who was hunting with a group of guys with dogs :thumbsup:

Ended up with 2 white wing scoters and 1 surf scoter, definitely a lot slower than last weekends hunt.
Thousands on the boat.
Hundreds on decoys.
Time away from the wife....priceless
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Postby Maggie's Dad » Wed Nov 14, 2007 8:22 pm

Even slower day for Maggie's Dad! But it was good to meet you Major. I wonder if the wind will stop blowing on a Saturday and I'll finally make it out to my favorite scoter spot.

Deer hunting this weekend so good luck with the Ducks all.
Maggie's Dad
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