PCB's In Waterfowl

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PCB's In Waterfowl

Postby jem » Tue Oct 04, 2005 6:52 pm


I have been reading the DEP's manual and there is some information in there about PCB's in ducks that eat fish. I am interested in knowing what any of you do about the ducks you get which are among the species that supposedly have elevated levels of PCB's.

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Postby Smackaduck » Tue Oct 04, 2005 7:52 pm

I have no idea what a dep or pcb is but we dont eat many fish eating ducks. Maybe you could elaborate a little, im kinda interested.
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DEP and PCB's

Postby jem » Wed Oct 05, 2005 7:42 pm


Here is the link.
http://dep.state.ct.us/burnatr/wildlife ... htm#CONTAM

I pasted in the article from the CT Department of Environmental Protection in case the link doesn't work.

Contaminants in Waterfowl

Studies conducted in Pennsylvania and New York have shown that some samples from mergansers, especially common and red-breasted, had high levels of contaminants, including PCB's. Mergansers feed primarily on fish that may concentrate contaminants.

Other studies have shown that diving ducks (e.g., scaup, bufflehead, goldeneye) may also have high levels of contaminants; dabbling ducks (e.g., mallards, black ducks, teal, wigeon, gadwall) generally have lower levels and wood ducks and Canada geese are the least contaminated.

Many sportsmen are aware of health advisories regarding high PCB concentrations in ducks from Massachusetts (Canada geese were not included in those advisories). In 2005-06 the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection is conducting a study to assess PCB concentrations in ducks harvested within the state. We sent out a survey to over 400 active waterfowl hunters to assess eating habits, and will collect 180 puddle ducks and mergansers from various parts of the state. Any hunter interested in donating whole duck carcasses should send an email to min.huang@po.state.ct.us or call the Franklin Swamp WMA at (860) 642-7239. We need a specific number of ducks and mergansers from specific parts of the state. SO, IF YOU WANT TO HELP, PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST, WE MAY ALREADY HAVE WHAT WE NEED FROM THE AREA YOU HUNT.

Sportsmen and their families that want to minimize any potential exposure to contaminants should limit their consumption of mergansers and other waterfowl and remove the skin and fat before cooking. This consideration is especially important for pregnant women due to the effects of PCBs on reproduction.

Removing the skin from the breasts of waterfowl substantially reduces the amounts of contaminants. If birds are stuffed, the stuffing should not be consumed. Drippings should not be used for gravy. If you would like more information regarding the health effects of PCBs, call DPH at 860-509-7742.

I was just wondering if you guys think this is really something to be careful about or not. I am going for geese but was interested in sea ducks.

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Postby DUKHTR » Thu Oct 06, 2005 7:36 am

Nice to know ....I guess....but certainly not an issue with most waterfowlers........I do not know ANYONE that eats fish-eating ducks or merganser. Also....consider the sources of the studies.....Hudson River???? Trenton River???etc! They are testing some pretty heavy-duty industrial waters.
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