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Decoy Hell

Postby goosepitgreg » Tue Sep 11, 2012 8:24 am I am last wekend standing in a funeral home in northern NJ....admiring an oil painting of pitching mallards when the "Director" says ...."Do you like ducks? and would you like to see some decoys? Hell yes I say and proceed to a hidden back room where I come to find not 1, or even 10 but close to 25 hand carved decoys no less than 100 years old each. I begin to drool and crow about one in particular, a Brant...the director says they all originate from Barnegate to Sommers where else. I ask him about an obvious Ruddy coy to which he replies......Ruddy? Whats that?.....I just collect the things for money, in fact I really like shore birds better. As darkness begins to fall over me (12 noon actually) I realize that this guy is totally clueless except for the fact taht he has 60k in wood on the wall. Here's how I feel.....What the F***....seriously? you have some of the finest working deeks I've ever seen and you have no clue what kind of birds they represent. Clueless !!! All bucks no Decoy Hell for a guy like me that dreams of the ability to just touch, let alone "own" a piece of waterfowl history like this. So...the next time you see some deeks on the wall at some jokers house or shop......just enjoy, grope a little and dont ask "who did the Pintail?".....this way you dont join me here in my own Decoy Hell !!!
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