Please help trappers

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Please help trappers

Postby TrapperRob » Sat Apr 19, 2014 10:40 pm

House Bill 98:

If you want to be able to catch and sell Gray Foxes you need to call your state legislators!
DeNREC asked for this bill as Grays had been totally unregulated in Delaware. The fox chasers hated them anyway and with no fox trapping there was no need to even worry about them. In order for a trapping and hunting season Grays needed to be classed as Game Animals. Thus House Bill 98: ... endocument

Synopsis: This bill amends existing statute by classifying gray foxes, skunks and weasels as game animals to allow the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control to establish seasons and regulations for these species. The change is needed to enable the management of these species as is currently allowed for similar species classified as game animals and to legalize the incidental take of these species by licensed trappers pursuing other regulated game animal species. The clarification that the bullfrog is the only frog game animal species is made to reflect current regulated harvest practice and to formally protect other frog species. The reference to Bryant fox squirrel is removed as antiquated nomenclature for the Eastern fox squirrel (Sciurus niger niger) which was not historically and is not currently present in Delaware.”

Now the bill is in trouble. A few years back the Gray Fox was named an official state wildlife animal through a letter writing campaign by a school teacher and his class. The same school teacher wants Gray Foxes dropped from this bill. To that end he has organized another letter writing campaign by his students. They are getting some political traction…an amendment has been added by sympathetic legislators to drop Gray Foxes from this bill.

Here is a link to the news story about this issue: ... t/7573489/

All you guys in Delaware need to get on this now. You still have time to make things right as the legislature in on spring break. This gives you some time to get it together and call your state representatives to tell them you want science based management for all the furbearers including the Gray Fox.
There has been significant progress with trapping in Delaware the last few years and you need to keep the momentum going. Trappers finally have a friend and partner in DeNREC, help them help you all.
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