Schmidte217 From Texas Hunting Trip In Delaware

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Schmidte217 From Texas Hunting Trip In Delaware

Postby Daffy Ducking » Thu Jan 08, 2009 7:01 am

:no:Well where do we start! First off Schmidte217 got delayed several hours in Houston due to fog. He arrived in Philly @ 11:00pm and we arrived back at Smyrna @ 12:30. Got up for our Black Duck hunt and I have no clue at this point where the heck the ducks have all gone to!!!! We did manage to get 1 Mallard and his first Black Duck after hours of crappy winds and a LOW tide we finally called it a day! :mad: O.K. it possibly cannot be any worse than Monday....WRONG!!!!! We went out for some Brant and we got poured on and spent six hours out for only 2 BRANT!!! That was all we had opportunities at. We saw very few Brant which was a great suprise to me after what we had decoying to us several days ago when Gunner7848 was in town! :no: :oops: :no: So we finally get home to warm up and dry off and we get invited for a Goose hunt on Wednesday morning where it has had pretty good results. So what do you think happened???? :eek: You guessed it! Not one stinking goose and soaked to the bone!!!!!! I could'nt appoligize enough to Schmidte217 for our results. We did everything right but the birds just were not cooperating! He did get what he came here for and that was a Brant and Black duck although it was not as much as we anticipated. Then he goes to leave and his flight was delayed out of Philly!!! What luck????? We both enjoyed the time together and I am looking forward to joining him on a Redhead hunt in Laguna Madre, Texas next January! :thumbsup: Hopefully the odds will turn and we will have a great hunt!! He also is mounting a Canvasback that I bagged several years ago and I hope to post up some photos as he progresses with it.I asked that he also leaves an area on the mount where I am going to have him mount a Redhead that I hopefully get on my hunt with him!! Even as bad the weather and birds were I truly enjoyed the company and glad to have another web member hunt here in Delaware! :thumbsup: Schmidte217 is a great guy and does excellent taxidermy work at . Check it out!!!

Thanks again Eric for the company and I hope you enjoyed your wet, cold, and hardly any duck stay.I hope you consider to come back again!!! :yes:
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Postby gunner7848 » Thu Jan 08, 2009 10:22 am

Schmidte217 hope you had a great time. Seems like I have gotten lucky to pick the right days to the past years. Chip was telling me about the goose hunting and your welcome to come up here and hunt giant and lesser geese. We have a ton and I have plenty of fields to go to. Limit was 5 this year and I don't see a change if so it would be 3 pm me work details out or even come up in spring a catch some walleye and small mouth bass been trying to get chip but he has been so busy. Don't worry about a swap fly up and stay at the house and shoot some birds.
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Postby xtrema007 » Thu Jan 08, 2009 11:06 pm

daffy the weather was def. interesting last week its weird to go out to rehobeth bay and not see any brant... did you ever get down to assawomen?
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Postby AAR » Fri Jan 09, 2009 1:12 am

It was a lot of fun, when I was dry :biggrin: Chip is a great guy and has a great family. It's always tough when you go on a hunt late season and have a set few days when it is a roll of the dice on if the weather will cooperate or not. I definetly want to come back and take everything on again.
Just as a side note chip, got home last night a little before 1am, went to sleep and hung around the house today to rest back up. At 5:30pm we set off to take my son to gymnastics, open up my truck to put him in and someone had broke into my truck while I was gone. Stole my stereo, amp, several boxes of shells, all of my cd's, and a high dollar pellet gun rifle :fingerhead: I kinda have that waiting for a lightning bolt to strike me at any time feeling right now (only half kidding).

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Postby xtrema007 » Fri Jan 09, 2009 5:24 am

thats a rough time sorry to hear about your truck
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