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Postby BigBend » Mon May 21, 2012 7:11 pm

lol you didnt offend me, my dad and grandfather were in the USMC and I was taught at a young age that you never call a Marine an ex-Marine, and never mix up the Coast Guard with the Navy (rivalry). I figured I'd make the distinction for him; since tknight is currently deployed.
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Postby drjon » Wed May 23, 2012 1:50 pm

Well said point taken.
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Postby blueyed-goof » Wed May 23, 2012 3:40 pm

tknight006 wrote:I feel as if the sinking wader debate has been answered... so here is a new situation that I found myself in yesterday.

When looking through the water, while sitting in my Kayak.... the water looked about 6-7 inches deep.. So as I pull up to the bank and get out, I sink roughly 4 feet. I was stuck in thigh deep mud and couldn't move. As I tried to pull free, my feet simply came out of my boots. I coultdn't work my way free for the life of me. Fortunately I had a friend with me who was already on the bank who held out a paddle for me to grab on to.

Has anybody ever sank in mud so thick that they were stuck for a good while?

Yes I have....I had the misfortune of sinking waist deep into sloggy mud (though I did know how deep it was because I checked, but I had dropped a bird and I wasn't going to let it just rot). Luckily for me it was warm out, I was wearing neoprene booties instead of typical waders (too hot to hunt in waders for snipe early in the season) and jeans and I had a wide stable boat with me. Also lucky for me it wasn't the "sticky" mud of the salt marsh. With much wiggling I was able to get up onto the bow of the boat. I can't imagine having tried that with waders fact, I wouldn't have.....

I've also been stuck in the sticky mud of the salt marsh on numerous occassions....that was usually just up to my knees or thighs and I needed help getting out....whether from another person or from using poles/paddles to get some leverage to try to get myself out, sometimes losing a boot in the process and having to pull it out...the sticky mud of the salt marsh is not something to mess around with that's for sure....that's some scary stuff if you get stuck and can't get out...and have the misfortune of being below the high tide line (as a woman who was fishing had the misfortune of having died as the tide came in on her a year or so back as she was stuck in the mud)....way scarier to me than falling overboard with waders on.
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Postby FOWLER2671 » Mon Jul 02, 2012 2:31 pm

waterdogds wrote:
Bgold wrote:.... Neoprene waders float... Nuff said

Neoprene floats if they aren't on you. On you with air in the boots maybe a little.
I know that this is a free country guys, but I can't figure out why most of you won't take this serious. People have drown falling out of a boat in waders. IT CAN HAPPEN. The famous last words of a fool is "it won't happen to me".

Take this into consideration. There's a thread right now about PCS and some self proclaimed rookie looking to hunt there. Say no one tells him about the mud or the hidden dangers and he goes out there in a pair of waders because he's read on here that its no big deal. Next thing you know we will be reading about that guy. There's no such thing as too safe or too cautious.

I dont' know how cold it gets during duck season in Florida but if you fall out of a boat in cold water the exposure is going to cause hypothermia and it will kill you with or without a life jacket on. Scuba divers often wear ten to twenty pounds of lead weight just to get nuetral(NUETRAL) so that they can dive down without fighting the bouyant tendencies of neroprene. Your neroprene waders do not pull you under and I'm a witness to the fact after swimming to shore with a coat and waders on but no life jacket. I should have had thwe life jacket on but swam just fine in the neroprenes.

Only a damn fool would get in a boat without waders and a life jacket!
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