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Postby lovetheduck » Thu Jul 12, 2012 7:53 pm

Alright here's something that can get the board back up and alive, what about kids and hunting? My boy is turning 4 this fall and all he wants to do is go hunting with daddy, be daddy's next hunter all this stuff. We even went to bass pro and he was using my duck call in my truck the whole way (sounding somewhat better than i do) and he begged for a camo shirt. So i was thinking about taking him duck hunting this fall. I figured it was better than deer hunting because he can fidget and move around while duck hunting unlike deer hunting, and i can put him under a warm blanket and just stick him in the boat or blind or a chair depending on where we go. But is 4 to young? He's definitly to young to shoot, but what about watching? And what about my daughter she's 5 now and soon to be a teenager and doesn't want to do you guys motivate your kids (girls) to go hunting? Any thoughts? I know there's tons.........
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Re: Kids?

Postby troutman561 » Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:11 pm

I first took my daughter duck hunting with me when she was 4. Girls are different than boys and I am sure he will be into at even at 4 so should be no worries. Ava liked it but it got cold when the sun was setting. Oh yea, I missed 5 GWT that hunt :mad: . Last season, when she was 5, she enjoyed it much better and went with me a couple times.. If he wants to go, bring him, he should love it.
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