Lakes near North Orlando?

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Lakes near North Orlando?

Postby Kaianuanu » Mon Jul 16, 2012 12:54 pm

Hi guys, i'm new to the forum and i have experience with other types of hunting but am just trying to get started in duck hunting. I'm 17 and have a limited range to how far i can travel to hunt. I live in Longwood which is North of Orlando and just southwest of Sanford if you know where that is. Anyway, i don't really have anyone with duck hunting knowledge to teach me how so i'm learning as much as i can reading on the web. I have been looking for a place to duck hunt but i really have no idea where to go. I was thinking about lake monroe, jessup, or possibly the stretch of the St. Johns that connects the two, but i have no idea what areas actually hold a huntable population of ducks when the season comes around. So, If anyone would be kind enough to give me a little guidance on the guidance on the matter i'd really appreciate any advice you'd be willing to give me.
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Re: Lakes near North Orlando?

Postby BigBend » Mon Jul 16, 2012 5:41 pm

Here is a list of WMA's:

You should check this page out, scroll down, and read all the links. It will give you an idea of places to hunt and all the legal information:

Since your just staring your going to have growing pains, but remember to respect other hunters and keep a good distance between boats.
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