How to Prevent Skybusting

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Re: How to Prevent Skybusting

Postby FlaWoodie » Mon Dec 03, 2012 4:58 pm

ffrodelgnim wrote:lead shells would solve every problem. No injured birds, longer shots hit, they are just the best. I have used them many times in argentina and mexico and my God are they better. I must say I would never resort myself to one box because I want my limit and am gonna do what it takes. However, where I hunt here or in texas, nobody is on my property duck hunting cause I am on private property.

haha yeah right. says the guy who thinks that poisoning waterfowl is a solution to current public waterfowl hunting issues, which it seems he doesn't have much extensive experience with anyways(i'll assume). lead shells= less $ spent=more boxes bought=kids out there shooting just as much if not more than they do now, oh and less ducks now to top it off ..... :fingerhead:
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Re: How to Prevent Skybusting

Postby SouthernWingsAssaultTeam » Mon Dec 03, 2012 5:11 pm

QuacknStrut wrote:I agree with about everything Dawg said.

I legally built a blind on a public lake a long time ago. When we pulled up to hunt it mid season, some guys were in it and said they would move. We told them heck no you will not, you beat us to the spot, we don't own it. Gave them some pointers on how to shoot it and they limited in 45 minutes and we jumped in their grave and finished our limit. Made some friends that day. They later called me to tell me about birds they had found and would not be able to hunt and told us to have at it.

I know one of the N Fl lakes you are talking about and I was one of the overnighters. Last year, most of the folks in there respected the birds enough to let them work and everyone had good shoots. We even left our dekes for some guys to finish their limit one of the two openers. They set up and did just that while we drank coffee and watched them from 300 yards away. We came back and picked up our dekes together and they were very appreciative. Only 4 stellar shoots we had last year were those 4 days. This year? Way different story. Tons of jacklegs out there shooting at birds in orbit, shooting birds that would fall 150 yards deep in the bulrushes and make no attempt to retrieve. ya know, googans. Be glad when some other lakes get water to take the pressure off my haunts. they can have their lakes.

100% with you man.We need rain in a bad way for those lakes.
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Re: How to Prevent Skybusting

Postby mwilson5848 » Sat Jan 05, 2013 2:30 am

Your frustration is understandable. Nothing ruins a hunting trip to the refuge like a bunch of skybusting morons. Unfortunately the solution you're proposing won't work. I live in California. Hunting is very regulated here. One of our regulations is that you are only allowed to take out one box of shells with you on to the refuge. If you run out you have to make a return trip to your vehicle to get more shells. The walks back to the parking lots are generally very long, so you don't want to make them if you don't have to. If you get caught with extra shells, you get a $200 dollar fine for every extra shell you're carrying. The idea behind this I believe is to encourage people to only take smart and ethical shots to preserve shells. However it just doesn't work. For whatever reason, in the refuges in California, people still skybust like crazy and just don't let birds work. What's more, I feel like there are a lot of people who sneak in extra shells. It's too often, I hear the hunters near me blasting away all day long at birds too high and I know there's no way they only came in with 25 shells. It's too hard to regulate. Too many hunters, not enough wardens. So people don't get caught enough to really dissuade them from sneaking in extra shells. Skybusting will never go away I fear. I know here in California we just make the best of it, and try to stay as far away from other hunters as we can.
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