Florida Waterfowl Hunting Advice and Guide Services

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Florida Waterfowl Hunting Advice and Guide Services

Postby andyj » Tue Oct 15, 2013 8:21 pm


As the title says I am looking for advice on waterfowl hunting in Florida and advice on waterfowl guides down here. My family and I recently moved to the Central / Western coast of Florida. I say that because I am stationed at MacDill AFB in Tampa but live near extended family in the Venice / North Port area. I commute several days a week and stay in an RV at the campground on MacDill a couple of days a week so that my kids could live in a smaller town and be close to both sets of their grandparents (something of a novelty for Army kids).

I had a great setup in TN and AL where we just moved from. My good friend got me into duck hunting a few years ago and he had all of the gear we needed so my collection is not real robust at this time.

I need to find a place to get my boys (13 and 10) out hunting again. Their last hunt was a Missouri Snow Goose Conservation hunt last winter and they are itching to get back out as am I.

I think the wisest way for me to spend my money right now is to find a good guide service to show me how to hunt down here and also so I don't have to invest much in equipment right now as we will continue to move around quite a bit with my work for the next several years. I think a few guided hunts will be the best bet for getting us on some ducks without the benefit of knowing the local areas and having just moved here I have had no time to learn anything about the area as far as hunting goes.

Can anyone recommend some good guide services in the Tampa / Okeechobee / or other areas I may be missing? I have googled several but it is hard to tell what you are getting into off of a website. I like to hear personal experiences good and bad.

Thanks for your time and advice. If you want to email me directly my email is andy@thejordanshouse.com

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Re: Florida Waterfowl Hunting Advice and Guide Services

Postby tmclaimerFL » Wed Oct 16, 2013 7:08 am

Waterfowl guides are not as prolific in this state as they are in others like Missouri or Arkansas. Fishing on the other hand, they are a dime a dozen. There are several folks in your area on this forum and other forums that would be able to take you out and show you the ropes. There may be a guide or two, but why pay the money? Tough to get hunts done in your area without a boat/kayak. I live in Tampa and Im actually going to be showing the ropes to a couple guys in the area as well who havent hunted down here yet. There are a lot of DU events as well as UW-F events in the area which are also good places to get to know hunters.
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