southcentral ga report

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southcentral ga report

Postby Big Fish » Mon Dec 28, 2009 10:05 am

DISCLAIMER: I'm sure many of you are killing birds. This is just what I have been doing. Take it with a grain of salt.

Nothing. Nadda. Zippo. I'm broken. I can't kill birds. I can find birds but they won't decoy. I quit. Not really...

Hunted Christmas morning in what was supposed to be extreme winds and rain on the edge of a cold front. It did rain. At 430 am. ..
Got to my spot (LATE). Wind and rain had already stopped. I should have gone bass fishing. Saw 6 divers on my public water. They would not decoy despite my sweet spread and the fact that I was the only one on the water. I waited until 830. I saw a pair land up by the dam. I made a sneak and belly crawled up to the edge. They were getting nervous. It was a poke, but I shot. Probably pushing 45 yards. I hit the drake buffie on the first shot. Rolled him. It got up. I hit him on the second shot. He kept flying. At this point, I'm in tears. I sat down and thought about bad of a person I must have been in my prior life. Then, the pair was flying right at me. They were a touch high, but I shot anyway. I hit the drake again. Watched him cartwheel and then KEEP FLYING.
I'm going back to MI for a couple weeks to celebrate a late christmas and new years. Probably drink some beer and hopefully catch some steelhead. When I come back, the rivers BETTER BE DOWN and the birds BETTER COOPERATE!
Y'all be safe and have a good New Years.
Save me some birds for when I get back.
Big Fish
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Big Fish
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Re: southcentral ga report

Postby Remman » Mon Dec 28, 2009 6:21 pm

Mr. Ed, you be careful, and have a safe trip!! Don't worry about how the hunting is in GA. I think the birds are trying to stay away from the peach state!! :crying:
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