My SoDak trip & Georgia Duck Season 2010

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My SoDak trip & Georgia Duck Season 2010

Postby DeadEye81 » Fri Nov 19, 2010 7:11 pm

Well guys, I made it back in one piece from my South Dakota duck & pheasant adventure. Oddly, the lows were only in the high 30s/low 40s and the highs ranged from 65-75 degrees; very uncommon for mid to late October in the dakotas. Out of the 7 days of hunting, my father, best friend, and I only had one breezy day with gusts up around 15-20 mph... not the strong, north cwest winds I was hoping for. Nonetheless, my father, buddy, and I had some really nice shoots. First morning, all three of us limited by 8:45 am, but shot nothing too great to brag about-- some immature mallards, pintails, redheads, gadwalls, and one very large hen canvasback. Second morning, it was 100% clear skies with no wind at all--again we limited out again, but it took about 7 hours for the 15 birds. With bluebird skies and little or no hunting pressure in the area, the birds were hesistant to move around and stayed most of the day in the middle of two 120 acre sloughs. The mojo-duck did however decoy us enough gadwalls (we got 3 limits of gads) to make the day worth while. The third day, I made the cardinal mistake of hunting, I got impatient. That morning on the way to my family's two farms, we came up with a plan to hunt (pass shoot) between a 4 sq.mile lake and a partially flooded cornfield. I had scouted this area and new there was 5 or 6 huge flocks of greenhead mallards using the area to feed and mill around. After taking my place in a small patch of cattails, I soon had pair, after pair, after pair of ducks pouring in around me...some of my kill shots were only 5-15 yards from me the end of my Browning. In 4 passes, I had my ducks--2 immature pintails, 2 drake gadwalls, and 1 loner, huge drake mallard. After I gathered up my ducks, I headed back to the trucks for some coffee and my cigarettes. After seeing me walk back, my father and buddy decided to retreat back to the trucks as well. Once we had cleared the pass by about 250 yards, the mallards decided to make their arrival! Within 2 minutes, about 1-2 thousand Northern mallards had passed through--most of them only telephone poll high or lower:( I should have been more picky and taken my time instead of popping those early scout ducks. The rest of the trip was great and I shot some pheasants and caught up with alot of friends and family. I don't have many picutres, but will post a few when I get a free day.
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Re: My SoDak trip & Georgia Duck Season 2010

Postby Dep6 » Sat Nov 20, 2010 2:24 am

Way to go!!
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Re: My SoDak trip & Georgia Duck Season 2010

Postby Remman » Sun Nov 21, 2010 3:55 pm

congrats and welcome back :thumbsup:
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