Back in Ga.

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Back in Ga.

Postby ah20dog » Sun Jan 09, 2011 9:06 pm

Hello ya'll.

I have just returned to Georgia after a 5 year stint in Kansas. I have previously hunted the NW Georgia area, mostly floating rivers and larger streams as well as Allatoona, with limited success but now im in the Savannah area. In Kansas most of my morning hunts were done on a river, but i was lucky enough to find a couple of "ponds" where we could hunt at the end of the day for ducks coming in to roost. I realize that the season is almost over, so im asking for advise to help guide me for next season as i am unsure of the duck patterns here. Hell, i don't even see them flying around. I have already started scouting some areas that look "ducky", but all i seem to find is Cormorants and gulls.

1. How is the hunting here in the SE, and what kind of ducks are taken?
2. Should i even bother looking at the rivers as a source of ducks?
3. Do the ducks, not divers, hold in brackish water?
4. How are the WMA's for numbers of ducks and fellow hunters?

Any input, good or bad, would assist me greatly.
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