Where to go?

For those who enjoy duck hunting in Georgia this is the place to discuss everything from Georgia duck hunting outfitters to hunting pintails, mallards and canvasbacks on lake Seminole.

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Where to go?

Postby Leegan » Wed Aug 17, 2011 3:24 pm

Hey, just moved down to Columbus, GA for work at Fort Benning and was looking for some help in terms of locating some areas to do some hunting during the early goose/teal season. I've got a 18' Tracker and am not looking for anyone to throw me a bone, just looking for the cliff notes of what I might find online.
Thanks ahead of time for your help!
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Re: Where to go?

Postby swampwise » Thu Aug 18, 2011 2:54 pm

Go to your truck, hitch up your nice 18' Tracker, and go find a place to hunt. Try that lake, or the one river that's close by.
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Re: Where to go?

Postby Woodiewacker » Thu Aug 18, 2011 4:08 pm

swampwise wrote:Go to your truck, hitch up your nice 18' Tracker, and go find a place to hunt. Try that lake, or the one river that's close by.

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Re: Where to go?

Postby Duhunter68 » Sat Sep 03, 2011 3:30 pm

I am also new to the area and looking for a decent hunting spot. Would anybody mind at least pointing me in the right direction? There are more than a couple lakes in the general area, most of them from google look like there are houses on most. Has anyone hunted West Point or known any body that has hunted it in the past? How is the hunting on Lake Martin?
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Re: Where to go?

Postby Dep6 » Sun Sep 04, 2011 5:55 am

Be sure to check regs on all lakes you look at, I know West Point, you have to have a Corps of Engineers permit to operate a vessel on that lake. Some lakes are GA Power lakes and have somewhat separate regs to operate a boat on them. Be careful and have a safe season.

Don't know that you can hunt Lake Martin, most likely due to restrictions of distance from structures, docks, etc. Check the regs closely.

West Point, get that COE permit before you launch on the lake to even scout it, they can and do write tickets for not having that permit.
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Re: Where to go?

Postby Labnerd01 » Tue Nov 01, 2011 11:40 am

You are really in an area that could give you good access to several lakes if you want to drive a bit. As mentioned, West Point Lake is close , though I have never heard anything about an Army Corp Permit to put your boat in. Go up toward where the Chattahoochee river feeds in and try that.

Lake Eufaula-never been there myself but I hear about it would be one that is near you as is Lake Seminole in South Ga. Be warned on these two lakes if you have a dog that Gators are abundant, don't have your dog out in the water if the temp is above 60 degrees. Lots of Canvasbacks on Seminole and Coot decoys help. It is heavily hunted though and ducks are wised up by the time they get that far south.

Lake Guntersville, in NE Alabama is part of the Tennessee River Valley, its a little farther away, holds lots of Gadwalls but again weekend warrior hunting pressure is strong and in spite of what some think, there are no secrets up there, the locals have a serious competitive edge because they can scout it and they will not tell you where the ducks are..Lake Weis in Alabama is fed by rivers that come out of Georgia, its an Al Power Lake I believe and I think there are issues about stepping out on the bank, private property so just call them and get the straight talk before you go there. Its not really as good as some of the others due to raising and lowering water levels and food sources not available or as plentiful.

As an FYI Guntersville and Weiss are excellent fishing lakes for early spring and summer fun on Crappie at Lake Weis and Big Bass on Guntersville.

Good Luck
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Re: Where to go?

Postby jaker » Thu Nov 03, 2011 1:56 am

just go scout, its not that hard. Theres not many ducks around, and you have to be a sure enough good duck hunter, and extremely devoted to kill anything but woodies. I hunt 6 days a week, and drive 45 minutes to 2 hours one way just for a mornings hunt. If your not willing to do this, then you won't kill many birds. Even if you do spend that much time and money, it will take several years to figure out how to kill birds. Hunting in this area of georgia and alabama is not like anything you will have experienced before. One of the main reasons its so difficult, is the few birds that come through dont stay more than 48 hours on public water. They only use our area to take a short break, then move on. So, basically, you are going to have to scout hard to find places to hunt, then spend the entire season, hunting and scouting, and noticing what conditions are involved, the few times you do see birds, and where they are at, then you have to figure out exactly how to hunt them when they are there. Basically, the only reason I can kill birds other than woodies in the area, is because I have logged 3-400 hunts on nearly every body of water or river system within 100 miles, and so I have some idea of what places the birds might be in on a given day, with given weather. Scouting rarely does you any good, if you see birds you better be hunting them, cuz they aint gonna be there tomorrow. Hope this gives you a little indicator of what it takes. btw the hunting sucks :fingerhead:
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