Phinizy Swamp WMA duck hunting

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Phinizy Swamp WMA duck hunting

Postby Sc Duck Commander » Wed Dec 07, 2011 5:16 am

I live over the river in Aiken, South Carolina. I was just wondering how the duck hunting is in Phinizy Swamp. I drive down 520 all the time and the swamp looks like good duck hunting. i see all those ringnecks, teal and bluebills in the brink yards ponds im sure some of those ducks go into Phinizy. im not asking for anyones hole or nothing just wanting to know how the hunting is and what type of ducks r coming in there and im sure theres a good many skybusters in there which mess it up for us hunters that like to see the birds work.

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Re: Phinizy Swamp WMA duck hunting

Postby hydrilla » Wed Dec 07, 2011 8:38 pm

Haven't hunted it in years, but I have killed some ducks there and have friends that still hunt it. It is like anywhere else, it has gotten crowded, but if you put in the time to scout it you can be successful. You can put forth a lot of effort to wade through the swamp for quite some time to find a spot all to yourself, or you can go perch on the ponds with 50 other yahoos and watch them skybust. Don't expect to just fork out the money for a out of state license and just walk in blind on a Wednesday or Saturday morning and kill ducks.
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