new and need a partner

For those who enjoy duck hunting in Georgia this is the place to discuss everything from Georgia duck hunting outfitters to hunting pintails, mallards and canvasbacks on lake Seminole.

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new and need a partner

Postby duckpuddlepirate » Mon Oct 15, 2012 6:34 pm

hey everyone new to the forum. I'm in the Coast Guard and just transferred from Seattle Washington to Savannah. I currently live in Richmond Hill and trying to get into duck hunting this season. right off the bat want let you know that I'm pretty green. I wanted to do more of it in Seattle but unfortunately kept deploying during season. If anyone is interested in helping me out and showing me where to hunt around here I would appreciate it. Right now i am scouting on the Ogeechee and highway 17 on the West side of I 95. I do have a Max-4 Benelli, Calls, Kayak that i am working on camo. Plenty of gear with the exception of decoys, and waders. I will be working on that this weekend though. I also have a boat but its a Carolina skiff, not to steathly. My lab is still a little young and won't be ready this season. Even if you don't want to go hunting with me just some conversation and local knowledge would be nice.
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