Anybody have problems with Duckbuster Kennels

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Anybody have problems with Duckbuster Kennels

Postby waterfowler30 » Sun Nov 27, 2011 6:34 pm

I took my lab to Duckbusters kennels this summer for trainning. I have trained my last three dogs, but work in nevada so i don't have time for training. He had my dog for 2 and a half months. The dog doesn't even know hand signals, and sometimes he will drop the bird when he gets to the bank. Danny (the owner of DBK) said that hand signals where apart of the master hunter level training that could take years. I have never had some one else train my dog, but is this normal??
He also would tell me that he wanted to keep my dog for a while longer, that he didn't get to work with him much that week cause he went to Canada hunting. Which is fine except he left out the part that he would be charging me more money for it.
Unfortainitly my ol'man dropped his lab off at the same time and got to experience the same financial outcome as myself.
My question's are this: 1 Is this normal for a dog trainer to charge you when they are not working on your dog?
2-Should a dog that is in PAID training for two and a half months be tought hand signals
3-Has anybody else had these problems with Duckbuster Kennels
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Re: Anybody have problems with Duckbuster Kennels

Postby Squishy » Mon Nov 28, 2011 10:38 am

First off I am not a trainer... I have trained my dogs. I have never met anyone from Duck Buster Kennels yet. I have a few questions for you though too. What goals or expectations did you discuss with DBK prior to dropping the dog off? How old is your dog? Did the dog have any training before he got to DBK? (IE...sit, stay, heel, place, force fetch, hold, steady to shot or command) This may sound harsh but.... Have you considered maybe this dog isn't going to be exactly what you want? It does happen. Not all dogs can be Lee Mac or Drake....

If a dog is at the trainer you will be charged yes. Not all trainers have time to hunt. Did you ask or did DBK say anything about when he would start hunting? I would think you may have been able to plan for such an event. That way your dog wouldn't be at the trainer sitting in the kennel. Does DBK only have 1 trainer to work the dogs? Maybe while in Canada, someone else was suppose to be working your dog.

Handling does not take years to teach. Unless maybe the dog has Down Syndrome. But a trainer will never tell an owner their dog is untrainable. What did he mean by Master Level? Was he prepping your dog for a Master Hunter Test? Was that discussed prior to giving him your dog?

Dropping birds is easily fixed with Force breaking and teaching HOLD. Unless the dog doesn't like feathers in its mouth. That would take longer to fix.

I think a little better/more communication would have really helped this situation.
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Re: Anybody have problems with Duckbuster Kennels

Postby Fenn » Mon Nov 28, 2011 1:12 pm

I looked up their website. From what I read DBK will train only for a specific a hunt test. So JH, SH, or MH. Maybe he only trained for the JH test where handling isn't required as much. As for the dog dropping a bird. The beginnings of a force fetch program would cure that issue.
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Re: Anybody have problems with Duckbuster Kennels

Postby mojocoot » Mon Nov 28, 2011 5:59 pm

I think Squishy hit it on the head. If you didn't discuss clear expectations with the trainer before getting started then there is just too much uncertainty about what they consider quality work and what you were hoping for. Sorry for the situation though, I'm sure it wasn't a cheap process and you're clearly not satisfied with the return on your investment. I would be a little surprised if the owner of the kennel wouldn't work with you to ensure that you are a little more satisfied. His name is on the line everytime you talk about your dog and the training (or lack thereof) that is on dispaly. I bet if he saw this post he would consider being a little more accomodating. Lots of potential customers or referrals to be gained or lost just on this forum alone, not to mention word of mouth..... just a thought.
I prefer doing all my training myself and the thing I have learned is that it is an ongoing, basically never ending process. It took my current dog about 4 or 5 months of daily work to get to the point I wanted, which was a high bar to meet. After 2 1/2 months she was huntable for sure, but not to the point I wanted, and not to the point it sounds like you want. In my opinion (disclaimer- just an opinion here) anyone who says they are going to get you a "finished dog" in 2 1/2 months is either lying to you, has very different ideas of what finished means, or is one hell of a dog whisperer.
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Re: Anybody have problems with Duckbuster Kennels

Postby swanpig » Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:57 pm

In 2004 I took my first dog to DBK because I did not have a place to house her during the summer..She spent 8 weeks there. She has been an excellent bird dog for me and we are on our seventh season together. I believe that her natural ability as well as that core training that DBK gave her is the reason that she has been such a great dog...for me...Heading out tomorrow and Wednesday for the first time out in a couple of weeks due to deer season and family. Can't wait for 07:26.
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Re: Anybody have problems with Duckbuster Kennels

Postby DocTom » Fri Dec 02, 2011 12:14 pm

No, Danny Kaiser has been nothing but professional, honest, hardworking. I honestly would not consider working with any other trainer, I mean why change a good thing? I have been very happy with his service, breeding, etc. I can understand your frustration but I do believe DBK can make chicken salad out of chicken @#$% when it comes to dogs (which is what he did with a 4 year old pound lab about 6 years ago). I would not expect much out of 2 months of training but would expect more with a started pup. Sorry about what happened, but I don't believe DBKs to be a shady operation...
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Re: Anybody have problems with Duckbuster Kennels

Postby hntndux » Sat Dec 03, 2011 6:14 pm

Its been my experience that 2 months is a minimal amount of time to have a dog at the trainer. I sent my last one for 4months and he didnt get to signals. I would think the dog would need a year of field hunting and then go back for more detailed training. Also alot of dogs arent going to make it that far.. Get some birds on him and re evaluate for more training?
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Re: Anybody have problems with Duckbuster Kennels

Postby fullcurlassasin » Thu Dec 15, 2011 6:09 pm

hello as a DUCK BUSTER CUSTOMER i would have to say that danny is a honest dude if he sells you a dog he sells you his brain for as long as you wanna train your dog thats the perk of buying and training w him my pup (gunner) turns 1yr old on 12-20-2011 and danny myself and the rest of the duck buster staff have created a monster with this dog he is fast straight and committed to the hunt 100% as for the customers who drop a dog and expect training get it but when the dog leaves the trainer it still needs to be worked with. EXAMPLE you bring in a 1yr old dog and danny sharpens him up you work out of town or state once you pick your dog up if you take him home and just dont work with him and then take him on the river well sorry to say but anyone who hunts with dogs will agree the results arent gonna be staggering i dont use hand signals whistles nothing my commands are here fetch up and gunner and that dog is on the ball for any of them we trained him that way because i wanted a meat dog not a feild trial dog and dbk took care of me and my pup so well that i just bought another this year like 3 weeks ago because i no what i can expect from my MEAT DOG AND DUCK BUSTER KENNELS thanks for your services now lets go duck hunting i hate nice weather
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Re: Anybody have problems with Duckbuster Kennels

Postby TwitchyMP » Fri May 17, 2013 7:10 pm

So...I have been a DBK customer as well. I bought my dog from them and at first was impressed with the way they worked. I had the dog for a little over a year and did a lot of the basic training myself as well as starting her for hunting. I found out I was being deployed to Iraq and decided to leave her in Danny's care for training and boarding while I was gone. she was there for 4 months and I had my family go pick her up and then drop her off again for another 3 months before I got home. While I was in country I had a friend tell me that his buddy left a dog with them and the dog disappeared. Somehow it had ran off. I took that with a grain of salt and anyone reading this should as well, but when I returned home and called to come pick up the dog i was severely disappointed my dog was sickly and so thin I could count her bones. Prior to dropping her off she was never food aggressive now she was. I fed the hell out of her but she was always starving so after a couple of weeks I took her to the vet to find out she was pregnant and only a week or two away from giving birth and to top it off she was no better off training wise than when I dropped her off. I know this because I took her to the junior hunt qualifications and she really had no idea what was going on. So call it a bad experience, Call it bad luck, but after a few thousand dollars and that experience I'm not much of a fan. Anyway that's my 2 cents take it or leave it, I realize this is way after the initial post, but id rather have someone read this and maybe it will help with the decision making process.
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Re: Anybody have problems with Duckbuster Kennels

Postby rossicraig » Wed May 28, 2014 7:56 pm

Actually, and no disrespect, but no. You are absolutely incorrect. Dogs have to go through the proper steps to be great dogs. Hand signals are the last thing a dog dog learns and can take a very long time to teach a dog. A typical program is 3 to 4 months to get a dog steadies, force fetched and obedient. Hand signals can take another 3 to 6 months to do properly if your dog has the smarts to get to that level. Jumping ahead and teaching the dog out of order would be the sign of a bad trainer. The fact that he was teaching the dog in the proper order means that he is probably a good trainer. Guys who teach their dog to do things before they should often end up with dogs that can't do anything the right way. While I've never had him train one of my dogs I have seen a few that he has trained and every one has had a lot of enthusiasm and have seemed to be very nice dogs. I would not have any problem sending my dog to Duck Buster Kennels if I was in need of a trainer in Idaho.
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