DFG Crackdown on the snake?

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Re: DFG Crackdown on the snake?

Postby Squishy » Sat Dec 28, 2013 9:10 pm

My buddies were checked at a ramp in that area while I ran to town for parts. I've never seen one upriver of Walter's Ferry. So it's nice to finally hear they're doing something!
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Re: DFG Crackdown on the snake?

Postby Abomb » Sat Dec 28, 2013 9:12 pm

That's great since it sounds like you guys were long overdue for some enforcement down there.
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Re: DFG Crackdown on the snake?

Postby Slidellduckhunter » Sat Dec 28, 2013 9:27 pm

I had posted a couple of Saturdays ago that I saw one cruising up and down the Snake generally downriver of Walter's Ferry. I have not seen them the last 2 Saturdays (including today)...however, there is a F&G EO that lives in my neighborhood and the last few days his truck has been gone most of the day every day - this has not been the case for the last couple of months. Maybe trying to catch some of the out-of-towners visiting for the holidays trying to get in a hunt without the right license? I suspect that with the new year right around the corner we will see them in force to try and catch those who don't renew their license in time. I'm glad to see them out.
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Re: DFG Crackdown on the snake?

Postby casey_714 » Sat Dec 28, 2013 10:46 pm

I like this.. I honestly wish people up here would get checked more. I've only been checked one time out of many years of hunting..

And why in the world would anyone be shooting grebes?!
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Re: DFG Crackdown on the snake?

Postby jdinid » Sun Dec 29, 2013 10:35 am

Seeing all these happy posts about F&G showing up in numbers just makes me smile. :)

There was an EO cruising through Eagle Island State Park last week checking out the guys on the Boise. Zimo's last article probably has upped their presence there too.
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Re: DFG Crackdown on the snake?

Postby swanpig » Mon Dec 30, 2013 5:52 pm

We were checked by F&G about 3 weeks ago. They were professional and quickly checked our licenses and guns. They were polite and efficient. Then they stirred the birds for us on the river by checking other hunters the rest of the day.
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Re: DFG Crackdown on the snake?

Postby hntndux » Tue Jan 14, 2014 10:06 am

Know-one is that prominent!!! If they have that much evidence, it will cost him.. I love these stories, much rather see this than the honest guy getting harassed cause they can..
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Re: DFG Crackdown on the snake?

Postby fetch21 » Tue Jan 14, 2014 12:29 pm

If it's true I hope the local press doesn't shy away from it due to the 'importance' of the person. There are far too many people who get away with this type of crap.
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Re: DFG Crackdown on the snake?

Postby dudejcb » Sat Jan 18, 2014 4:27 pm

I guess I'm out of the loop. Who is this "prominent businessman?" I'd like to buy him a drink and them knee him in the groin. Please, give me a name so I can congratulate the douche in the manner he deserves. Pm me. Even if he (or them) elude the law, I'm still willing to "congratulate" him when the opportunity arises. That's what douche bags deserve, and I 'm willing to deliver.
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