End of the season storage tips....

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Re: End of the season storage tips....

Postby mtbaughs » Sat Jan 25, 2014 11:23 am

Good tips! Especially releasing the stretchy bands on your decoys.

A tradition I am going to try and start this year for myself is to get out and pick up spent shell hulls.
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Re: End of the season storage tips....

Postby Slidellduckhunter » Sat Jan 25, 2014 1:12 pm

Wave, you had mentioned drying everything out and we should mention waders specifically, sometimes we may forget to open them back up from the last time we peeled them off. By habit I always store mine upside down by the boots with no folds or kinks in the body of the waders (especially at the boot connection). If one does not plan on any fishing then the boat engine should be 'summer-ized' making sure all fuel is drain out and light motor oil injected or poured into the cylinder (or as your engine manual suggests). The off-season (and after the light goose and/or turkey season you if are so inclined) is a good time for preventative maintenance for your shotgun. I am still using a 1989 Browning BPS 12ga. 3" pump and the action bars are starting to show some wear and edge pitting so this summer it is off to the gunsmith for an overhaul (the pump action started to hang on me a few times on the last 2 hunts).
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Re: End of the season storage tips....

Postby Justin300mag » Sat Jan 25, 2014 3:09 pm

Just thought I would add a correction. If you ever read the directions that some of these decoys come with it specifically says do not use soap. So soapy water would be a bad idea. Most soaps contain UV brighteners which is not what you want on your decoys. I always use a soft bristled brush and just use plain water. I have also had good luck using a cheap black and decker electric pressure washer, the are to weak to damage the paint but just enough to remove the dirt. The pressure washer is also the best thing I have found to clean flocking, it looks just like new again and I have not had a problem with one getting damaged yet.
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Re: End of the season storage tips....

Postby hnt&fsh » Mon Jan 27, 2014 1:14 pm

Probably stating the obvious. Give your shotgun/s a good thorough cleaning. I store mine in one of those silicone impregnated gun socks in the gun safe.

My duck decoys are getting pretty beat up. In the past I have touched them up using decoy paint and brushes of various sizes. Just wondering if any of you have ever used one of those small air brushes? Seems like it may be faster, and once a guy gets the hang of it, produce better results.

Excellent tip on releasing the rubber thing.

FWIW, this past year I experimented a little bit. Even though most people say that using a "Texas Rig" on your decoys is only good if your hunting really shallow water, 2-3 feet, I decided to give it a whirl using 6-7 foot lines. I rigged up a couple dozen just for grins. Worked pretty well. Definitely a lot quicker setting and picking them up. The long lines were kind of a pain at first but then I read a tip on a different forum. The guy was using a piece of black 2" PVC, he would retrieve the decoys and put 8-12 decoys on a caribiner and then once he got to the boat he would take the caribiner off and push all of the lines through the PVC and then re- hook the caribiner. That way the lines are all in the PVC pipe and not getting tangled up with other decoys. I used 5' lengths of PVC and it worked really well. I think that much longer than 6-7 feet and you would just be fighting it.
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