E-mail from Representative Ken Andrus - Outfitters and Guide

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E-mail from Representative Ken Andrus - Outfitters and Guide

Postby goosepond » Tue Feb 25, 2014 6:29 pm

Today, I got this email from Ken Andrus who is a representative for District 28, Pocatello, Lava, and American Falls area as it pertains to House Bill(s) H-468 and H-469:

While in Boise during the Legislative Session, I rent an apartment owned by the Idaho Outfitters and Guides Assn. Under legislative Rule 38 that is a conflict of interest regarding HB468.

During the hearing on HB468 in the committee and during the House floor debate, the appropriate thing for me to do is declare conflict of interest and not vote.

Thank you,

Rep. Ken Andrus

If I were a voter, sportsman, or have any interest that this legislator is on a comittee for, Id be all over him for this. Those of you in Bannock County and Legislative District 28 that have him as a legislator should jump all over him for this. You loose your voice on any issue that comes up, for example, he couldnt vote or discuss H 469 today and in talking to Bryce who testified today for the sportsmen against this bill, we loose folks as it was voted to go to the house floor with a do pass recommendation. But, did Andrus speak for his constituants, no, because he rents from the Outfitters Association. He is apparently more interested in his rent than representing you on many issues that you would have a voice in.

We have to remember do these legislators, we sportsmen are voters too, and if we all put our voting power to work, we can make a difference, especially on issues such as this. And this is an election year. When your legislator stands up this year policiticing, remember to ask them, how they voted on these bills and why they are throwing the sportsment and women under the bus to support groups like the Idaho Cattlemens Association, Idaho Wool Growers Association, Idaho Farm Bureau. The rich and richer and forget us commont folk that vote and can remove them as easily as the next guy if we will only remember to make our vote work come this fall.

In closing, I once agains encourage and hope all of you in legislative District 28 around Pocatello and American Falls, Bannock and Power Counties, should be irrate and let him know of your disappointment in how he lets you down by his actions on this. Good luck guys, but, we really need more support to get our bill through which looks now like it will come before the committee this Thursday. Keep up the pressure to support House Bill H469.
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