Northern ID - Gold prospecting May 7-9, Come with???

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Northern ID - Gold prospecting May 7-9, Come with???

Postby CP » Tue Mar 18, 2014 2:13 pm

Hi! I will be out in N Idaho for a couple of days gold prospecting. It will be me and a shovel and pan, so no high tech equipment for this trip. I have to travel there for work, so I am tacking on a couple of days to goof around, throw some wet flies, and pan some gold. A couple of questions...

    I will spring for gas. Anyone interested in coming with to hang out and fly fish/gold prospect???

    If you can't come with, where would you suggest that I look for gold dust? I am pretty comfortable with a hike, but as a lowlander, probably can not scale the side of a vertical cliff. A few miles walk is fine. Ideas???

    Are there any prospecting resources that you would point me to? I am thinking a mineral shop or prospector supply would be good.

    Does anyone have a claim that they would allow me to rent for a couple of days??? I don't mind paying a few bucks, and I do not plan to high bank or anything ambitious... just basic panning.
I am a hobbyist and will likely never be back in this region, so I wanted to line up a fun adventure that lets me see this remarkable area. I was in Challis when I was a kid (14) so I am getting to N ID every 23 years! So I might be back when I am 65!!!

The date is not ideal (May 7, which is likely two months too early to avoid the runoff), but that is what I have.

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