Pit Open for Lease - South of Marion

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Pit Open for Lease - South of Marion

Postby DetectDave » Sun Nov 20, 2005 2:48 am

We have a 5 man pit open for the year and next as well if yer good folks. The pit is located approximately 3 miles south of Marion on Rte 37. It is quite comfortable with a concrete floor, thick timber sides, solid roof, and drains to prevent water. It is located in a pasture field east of the refuge iwith one other pit in proximity - ours. We put out a fairly large spread of approximately 200+ full bodys plus copius amounts of wobblers,, etc and the 2nd pit gets plenty of swing action just because of that. The field averages at least a couple of geese a day in the most barren days when no geese are down. The cashola is $400 per man (same as us) and the extremely nice land owner lets us store our dekes there gratis. My 4 pit partners are great fellas and quite easy going. Drop me a line if you're interested. I'll make arrangements to meet ya and let you take a peek.
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