Duck Hunting Southern Illinois

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Duck Hunting Southern Illinois

Postby agent48 » Tue Jan 03, 2006 10:30 pm

I will be relocating to Southern Illinois in the next 6 months and am currenlty looking for a house to purchase and some great hunting locations around Lake Carlyle and Lake Rend. I plan on making a trip down this weekend - January 5 through the 7 and I am trying to get in some hunting. Would anyone be able to give some information on what the conditions are like and great places to hunt around the two afore mentioned lakes. Great places to live in that area would be helpful also, but generally not necessary at this particular time.

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Postby AU Mallard » Wed Jan 04, 2006 9:20 am

First of all, it's "Rend Lake" and "Carlyle", less you be instantly pegged as "not from around here".
Those fella's are pretty tight lipped, and rightly so. You're relocating into an area that can and does offer very good hunting, but requires effort if you're going public.
I traveled there for years with a friend who was from Marion. His g-dad ran an outstanding goose hunting club outside of Marion. It was like home to me. Rurual enough that the people are mostly the very kind, honest but don't mess with my stuff kind of folks I grew up with.
The state owned WMA's are managed extemely well, but they've had to tighten up on access due to increased hunter #'s. They are also very serious about enffrcing the myriad of regulations, so pay attention. My favorite WMA went to a daily draw, which negated our edge of being willing to subject ourselves to sleeping in the truck cab to insure first or second in the launch line.
Goose hunting used to be king in those parts, with duck hunting a sideshow until the main event got started. That may have changed with the delayed/dwindled migration they have now.
Go to the state site and see if you can get a bite. Also check out the Ill G&F website. Very well put together.
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