Big Foot or Greenhead Gear

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Big foot decoys or Greenhead Gear

Big foot
GreenHead Gear
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Big Foot or Greenhead Gear

Postby cover up » Thu Aug 10, 2006 11:46 pm

i cant decide what to buy. i already got 3dz greenhead but bigfoots seem to last longer and the new ones this year look sweet.
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cover up
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Postby Goose Killer from Illinoi » Sun Aug 13, 2006 10:59 am

I know the GHG Look sweet but trust me I had 12 Dozen of the 2003 models replaced 10 dozen in the season of 2004 and now I have only 2 dozen GHG left due to the fact I sold all of them cause they just do not hold up. Now the bigfoot decoys dont look as well although the 2006 models are sweet looking they have proven there self year after year after year not only to hold up but to kill geese also.

If I was you cover up I would sell the 3 dozen GHG you got put the other money you have with it and buy you 2 dozen Dave Smith Decoys. That is all you need around here were we live. Trust me I have 5 dozen Dave Smiths right now and that is all the decoys I will ever need. The look so real you only need about 2 dozen to get the job done.

If I was you that is what I would do for sure!!!

Good Luck

Goose Killer :thumbsup:
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Goose Killer from Illinoi
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