extra birds to gift?

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extra birds to gift?

Postby dablaw » Mon Jan 17, 2011 12:50 pm

Looking for a few different ducks if anyone has some to get rid of to gift...Any sea ducks(harleys,scoters,eiders,oldsquaws),barrows goldeneye,wood duck,blue or greenwing teal,pintail,widgeons,cinny teals,shovelors,redheads,ringers,ruddys,spoonies,Hooded merganser drakes,common merg drakes,red breasted mergs..I'll take any or all of these that are in good shape and not shot up...would love to have some specks,snows,and blues or brants too..I'm learing taxidermy right now and I'm planning on opening a shop late next year and just want to have a variety of waterfowl to have in a showroom..Many of these I never see around here..So if anyone can help me out, It would be much appreciated...Thanks,David.
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