New to Duck hunting

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New to Duck hunting

Postby jcwoluwe5 » Sun Jan 15, 2006 11:15 am


I am very new to duck hunting; so new that I've not heard of field hunting. The name attracts me because I don't have a dog so shooting over water is not the best option for me. I'm looking for more information on field hunting and general advice for a brand new beginner. Thanks!
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Field hunting

Postby Dep666 » Sun Jan 15, 2006 12:06 pm

Well JC, I'm no expert by any means , but I can sure give you an Idea of what works for me. First off are the decoys........

I have some Falmbeau enticers and they are really nice. They kind of hit you in the wallet, but they are definetly worth it. Outlaw makes some very nice silloutes for ducks and Geese. The cheepest duck decoys I have used in the field are Crappy old Falmbeau water keels. I just chop off the bottom and make them into shells. You can buy a bunch of these Dekes at wallmart or just about anystore for cheap. Especially now with most waterfowl seasons closing. Another Deke I'm going to buy is the Greenheadgear full body mallards. Man they are nice looking. As far as goose dekes....I'm not real fussy. I usually use Carrylite supermag shells and a few Full body dekes when I can. My buddies hunt exclusively over 8 doz bigfoots and they tend to do alot better. All I can say is I kill my share of Birds.

I would definelty invest in a mojo or two. They work great in the fields. Just get the ones with a remote on it. Geese tend to flare from the spinner( AT least where I hunt they do) so its important to be able to turn it off.

You can go out and spend a ton of $ on a coffin blind. They are the nuts , its just I don't have the budget to spend 200 on a blind. I use a goose chair and it has served its purpose.

I did not do as much firld hunting this year due to the fields being muddy and I didn't want to rut up the farmers property......

Hope this helps........Good hunting.....
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Postby Get'em » Sun Jan 15, 2006 1:59 pm

i had the opprotunity to hunt in the fields this year they werent even using it to feed or anything it was just a grass alfalfa field i just used my orignal dekes just standard water keel mallards with a doz goose shells and two mojos i just knocked the crap out of them
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Postby h2ofwlr » Sun Jan 15, 2006 5:48 pm

I'll give a basic run down on field duck hunting.

The most important item is scouting. Basically you are looking for ducks feeding in the feilds and then gaining permission to hunt the feild and setting up where the ducks want to be.

Concealment is very important too. I personally use a layout blind that is brushed with the surrounding cover so it blends in, so I am well concealed. I personally use Final Approach blinds as I have found them to be Cadillac type of quality and similararly prices as other makers.

Decoys is #3, I use G&H Mallards shells and a spinner does help to lure the birds in closer. I almost always use the stakes too, as they sit up higher so they are seen better by the incoming ducks from a distance. Some use Full Bodies, but they are pricier and are bulky, but are very realistic. 4 manufacturers will be making them for '06: Big Foot, Flambuea, Hard Core, and Avery.

Calling, all you really need to learn is the greeter and feeder call for field hunting. The comeback call is useful too. Get a call with a vhs or dvd so you can be tutored better.

That about covers it.
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Postby jcwoluwe5 » Sun Jan 15, 2006 7:43 pm

This is great! THanks for all the advice and ideas!
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Postby mallardman77 » Sun Jan 15, 2006 7:57 pm

Be sure to check your state laws regarding the use of motorized decoys before you drop the $$ to buy one as they are illegal to use in some states.

I agree with h2ofwlr when he says scouting is the most important aspect of hunting. You have to be where the ducks want to be, otherwise you won't be as succesful.

Welcome to duck hunting and be prepared to get extremly addicted to it!!

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Postby Spencer5100 » Mon Jan 16, 2006 11:30 pm

Having a dog is almost a disadvantge in a field, because there harder to hide.. so w/o a dog its definetly a better option. Since the season is almost over, your a little late to start field hunting, because it almost 100% private land, and by this time of year, most of the farmers already have people hunting their fields and often times paying them. Go to an area where there are a lot of grain fields and good amounts of water close by during the summer. This is when youre going to want to gain permission to hunt these fields. Corn, barley, rice and wheat are the best for ducks, as these are crops ducks actually feed on. They will land in a spread of goose dekes with some ducks mixed in in a grass or hay field, but these arent food sources so they wont want in as bad. Scouting also plays a key role. Ducks are a lot more of a water animal then a goose, so they will be a little more hesitant to come into a field to feed if they arent already using that area. For decoys, throw out a couple dozen goose decoys, then have some mallard shells (G&H) in a U right where u want the ducks to land. 2 dozen goose deeks and some mallard shells might be expensive, but the geese will help a lot. As far as concealment, the pit is still the best, but very few farmers are going to let you dig one in a field they are trying to harvest. The most popular and easiest way is a layout blind. Theyre very expensive, but are the worth it. Cabelas makes one called the interceptor for a 170 which isnt bad. What we do is sit in irrigation ditches the farmer has. however, we are buying some soon. If money is really an issue, then make a frame out of PVC, then use burlap or camo material and cover it with natural vegetation.Just sit on a fenceline and pass shoot if it comes down to it. For calling, be able to do a fast feed chuckle,and a broken up, erratic one, and a nice 5-7 note greeting series.
hope this helps
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Postby SwampHunter » Tue Jan 17, 2006 7:29 am

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Postby athomeruddy » Thu Jan 19, 2006 7:34 pm

welcome to the sport, its addictive to say the least.
Boise area has some great walkin spots on the water that dont require a dog, just scouting. Field hunting is and can be good but its harder to find access.

A few great things mention are your hide and your location. Make sure you cant be seen and dont stick out and you are where the birds WANT to be!

Good luck and keep postin
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