looking for some advice on duck and gosse hunting in SE WI

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looking for some advice on duck and gosse hunting in SE WI

Postby zigtech » Tue Oct 02, 2012 6:21 pm

I have a dog and a duck call looking for some advice where too hunt for ducks and geese I been hunting for years and have never had much luck with ducks and I only have shot regular geese I would be grateful for any help.
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Re: looking for some advice on duck and gosse hunting in SE WI

Postby Mattkoop1 » Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:42 am

Well, for one, A duck call is not gonna do much if you have no decoys. I would suggest investing some money into about two dozen GHG duck decoys of what ever species you enjoy hunting. Its also not a bad idea to have mix species if you hunt puddlers. You can go on craigslist and find used decoys fairly cheap or even buying them new will not cost a whole lot, atleast compared to a goose decoy. I am not sure on the laws in Wisconsan but here in MInnesota we can use MOJO's which, at times can be very effective for hunting ducks. For Geese, it costs a boat load of money to get going on a nice decoy spread but it is well worth the money. I have over 2,500 dollars into my decoy spread and I never once have regreted it. MOST importantely, you need to get out and scout if you want to be succesful. Scouting is a huge apsect of hunting waterfowl and if you chose not to do so you will continue to come home empty handed, even if you have a massive spread of decoys they will do you no good without scouting. Get a pair of binos and put some miles under you to find the honey hole. 99% of people I have ran into while out scouting have been real friendly about it and usally give me permission. Best of luck this year!
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