Decoy spread/size for flooded bean field

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Decoy spread/size for flooded bean field

Postby BooneVFL88 » Mon Dec 30, 2013 10:32 pm

So a few friends and I have been hunting this flooded bean field for a few weeks now with moderate sucess. Had more bad days then good, but still having a good time. I am not very experienced with this type of hunting, I am used to timber. My question is what would be typical size for a spread in this situation. We have a sunken pit with roll top with some standing beans on either side. We have been putting out about 45 decoys according to wind along with a half dozen canadas, and mojos depending on the wind. Does this sound like the kind of proper set up for this situation. We have seen alot of ducks that were at workable height, but did not seem interested, just wondering what some might think. Thanks
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Re: Decoy spread/size for flooded bean field

Postby Trent_Rivers » Mon Jan 20, 2014 11:52 pm

45 decoys might be enough but if you have more I would try to get a hold of them unless your picking up everyday. Three keys that might help is muddying up the water by walking in the decoys occasional and two would be to invest in or make some jerk rigs. Lastly, the mojos will flare mallards after the first split generally they still work great on teal and spoonbills and the like but the mallards will likely avoid you.
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Re: Decoy spread/size for flooded bean field

Postby koonce727 » Tue Jan 21, 2014 7:38 am

If you are hunting this pit day in and out and not letting the birds get back in there. I feel you are going to need more decoys to get better pulling power unless that is where the birds want to be. But after reading thru you post it sounds like this spot gets a lot of pressure.

To be honest If you have birds working the area and they want that spot let them get in there. Then hunt it, then lay off of it for a while to let the birds settle back in there and get comfortable. If your burning it out they will be much less likely to work. Most guys who run pits and hunt them often run a pile of decoys. Hundreds sometimes even a thousand or two.

If you have to hunt the spot and not let it settle I personally would try and get as many honkers out there as possible with the ducks. Change things up, give them something to look at that they haven't seen out of this pit. Most people have little problems shoot ducks over a mainly goose spread and its a different look.
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