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Hey Featherhead

Postby hannibal » Sun Aug 28, 2011 6:07 pm

Thanks for all the information you provide. You must spend your entire life dedicated to the communication of every possible political hunting topic based on the number of sites you post on and the emails you send. I happen to be a follower but I really would appreciate it if you could find or request a "political forum" for posting the hundreds of politically relevant and hot topics in the Waterfowl world.

I honestly come to this site for information but sometimes I steer away due to the relentless amount of politically charged agenda items you have overwhelmed us with here. I am an avid supporter of the shooting sports and waterfowl hunting......just like a little "lighter-hearted" discussion forum. I have to fumble through 100's of your posts to get to this stuff at times.

I know some people want to hear about many of your topics so maybe you should request a forum for these topics vs. posting them all on the Iowa forum where most I think are just looking to hear about duck/goose hunting.

Just my two cents but I'm guessing there are others out there feeling a bit overwhelmed by your posts. Keep fighting the fight but find somewhere more appropriate for it please.

Happy Hunting :thumbsup:
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Re: Hey Featherhead

Postby feathhd » Thu Sep 01, 2011 3:04 am

Not a problem my man. A lot is going on most of the time and a lot of it we don't read about or know.
We are consumed with the hunting aspect of our life. One day we might wake up and our opportunities gone or taken from us. What's are natural recourse? I didn't know right?

The same thing can be said about our magazines these days. A lot of fluff and hardly any substance on conservation issues. Pick up a mag at the store an flip through it and you will see what I am saying to be right on the money.

Yes my man I do this every single day, not so much during the season though. I bring the other element of our world of hunting to the screen thats all man and sometimes those things are just as vital as being able to pull the trigger itself. :beer:
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