IDNR Fish & Wildlife & SIMRA issue

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IDNR Fish & Wildlife & SIMRA issue

Postby feathhd » Fri Oct 07, 2011 10:38 pm

Folks it is the start of another duck season and as always it is also the start of many battles to be fought in regards to conservation policy be it Federal or State.

I would like to take this time to inform you that your e-mails, phone calls are needed once again to put pressure on our Governor and your members in the senate or house to appoint an IDNR Fish & Wildlife Specialist to the states SIMRA committee to represent our interests as sportsmen and as conservationist of our states natural resources in the Mo. River.

Right now and for over a year our governor has appointed others who represent everything but our natural resources on the states SIMRA committee. More or less our IDNR fish & Wildlife folks are forced to set on the sidelines in what I call scientific data collection and observation. This is good but it does not give our IDNR Fish & Wildlife a real voice at the table to reflect the interest we have in the Mo. River and the condition of our Natural Resources.

Our IDNR director sets at the table and that is not what is needed. What we need as sportsmen are the folks from our Fish & Wildlife Department at the table who have a long history and back ground of understanding of the Mo. River issues. As sportsmen we are NOT getting a fair shake, in fact we are being cheated and our Natural Resources are Not being represented as they should be.

To read up a little about what SIMRA is go here: ... ority.aspx

To further educate yourself on what SIMRA does do also read up on MORAST.
Go here:

As a sportsmen at times we must stand up and protect our Natural Resources and the future of our recreational opportunities. Not all the time is it about money, sometimes it's simply about standing up to protect , enhance and restore what we as sportsmen consider to be a large part of our life. I think all of us wish to leave behind this place greater than we had found it or had ,so that future generations can build upon the very foundation of conservation that we had started.

Right now and for the next month folks, make an e mail once a week to your senator or representative in DM, give the Governors office a call once a week and let them KNOW that as a sportsmen you request that someone from the IDNR Fish & Wildlife be Appointed to the states SIMRA committee without limitations.

Again I wish to thank all of you for taking the time to read this and I hope ( Take Action ) to correct a very serious problem that threatens our very own future as sportsmen of Iowa.


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